Blinds are very beautiful accessories for decorating homes and offices. They appear very unique and beautiful when they are neatly done and fixed, and they make your home stand out. You must note that blinds are of different shapes, textures and types. It is important to know how to care for whatever type you plan to have or already have.

There seems to be two main schools of thought when it comes to cleaning slatted blinds (vertical or horizontal).  The first involves using a cloth, some dish liquid, water, a bucket and your hand. The second involves taking the blinds down, putting them in your bath-tub, scrubbing and drying them and then putting them back up. To me, one measure seems reasonable and the other extreme, any guesses as to which is which? No matter what kind of blinds you have, wooden fabric and vertical are the three basic types. These tips will make their cleaning and maintenance easy:

  1. Vacuum blinds often with the brush attachment. Vacuum across the slats, not up and down. When done, often, the blind will retain its original colour and beauty, no matter how long it stays.
  2. Use a lamb’s-wool duster, again working across the slats and starting at the top. Do not use plastic dusters as this can destroy your beautiful blinds in no time.
  3. When dusting or vacuuming vertical blinds, brush downward only, as the slats often become unhooked if you brush upward. If you still love your blinds but hate how dirty it has become, you must do everything possible to maintain its beauty. Take caution while cleaning your blinds.
  4. Use a rubber sponge, also known as a dry sponge (you can find it at any stores), to remove dust and residue from both fabric and vinyl blinds. Simply wipe the dry sponge firmly across the blinds to give it a perfect look.
  5. For spot cleaning, spray an all-purpose cleaner onto a clean dry cloth and wipe the soiled area of the blind. Never spray the cleaner directly onto the blind to avoid discolouration of your blinds.
  6. You can wet wooden blinds when cleaning, but don’t soak them. Clean them in place instead of removing them as you would for other types of blinds. In order for you to maintain the quality and beauty of your wooden blinds, ensure that you don’t soak them in water, and also ensure your wooden blinds are in a place where they can properly dry after cleaning.
  7. If fabric blinds become very dirty, take them to a dry cleaner who can handle them carefully to avoid damage.
  8. To clean metal and vinyl blinds, follow this method: Take the blinds outside to your driveway and lay them on a small rug or piece of carpet. Put a few drops of dishwashing soap in a bucket of water. Wet a car-washing brush and brush the blinds from side to side, and then turn them over and brush the other side. Rinse the blinds gently with a garden hose while tilting them so that the water runs off. To prevent water spots from forming, quickly run your finger down the slats a couple of times to remove excess water. When done, drape the blinds over a fence or a couch to dry.

If you still care for your blinds, you will take note of how they can be well taken care of and maintained.



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