After months and months of planning, it’s almost time for the big day! The vendors are confirmed, your dress is ready, the RSVP is pouring in….. All that’s left to do is show up, right? Not quite. The week before your wedding is likely to be a hectic week with some last-minute tasks to get through. But don’t panic!  Below are the 6 things all brides should do the week of their wedding enjoy….

TESTS DRIVE THE FULL LOOK: you’ll need to pick up your dress the week of the wedding, but don’t stop there! Try on the full ensemble, including shoes and jewelry. Practice that walk or dance that you’ve been longing to display and make sure everything looks and feels comfortable. Little tip…. Try going to the bath room in your dress as well!

BREAK IN YOUR SHOES: as a bride your shoes are likely brand new and you’ll be wearing them for a while on the big day. Wear them for short period of time each day around the house and walk around on a few different surfaces.

CLEAR YOUR WORK TO-DO-LIST: as a bride to be, make sure you tidy any big projects or assignments at work early on that week so that you don’t have to-do list of work tasks floating around in your head. Trust me work is the last thing you want to think about as you head into your wedding week.

CONFIRM HONEYMOON LOGISTICS: make sure you double check your flight times and confirm your hotel bookings and any other activity or dinner reservations you might have made, in order to be certain that your reservations has been attainted to.

CONFIRM WHO IS GIVING A SPEECH ABOUT YOU AND YOUR HUSBAND TO BE: this part is very crucial as  some couple do not arrange on time whom to give a speech about them, to avoid embarrassing your friend at the dying minute make sure you pick someone who is reading a little something special to you and make them rehearse before the D-day so that they feel calm and ready for their role this is very important don’t just pick a friend on the reception ground to give a speech unprepared the person whom was picked not prepared will say something out of nothing due to surprise and shock and in this case you end up embarrassing your friend and yourself.

PACKAGE YOUR BRIDESMAID GIFT: those adorable gifts you bought to thank your bridesmaids for all their hard work? Be sure to wrap them up and include a nice, personalized note with each, how sweet will that be?

Remember to try to stay as flexible as possible during this final countdown. Last minute rush and issues will happen, so go with the flow. Just stay on top of things and try to keep your end goal in mind GETTING MARRIED!



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