The three-word sentence, “I love you” has existed for centuries, and it cemented relationships among friends and lovers. We see lovers use it every now and then to continually reaffirm their love for one another. However, there are other affirmative phrases you can use to give your spouse hope and assurance that you have their back.

 The intention is not to downplay the importance of those three little words, that two weeks or two years and more into a relationship still have the power to make your heart skip a beat. Nevertheless, while saying “I love you” is essential, so are other phrases; each with its own positive effects in your relationship. Here are seven affirmative phrases we all want to hear (sometimes) more than ‘’I love you.’’

• ‘’You can do it’’: Perhaps one of the most important roles a partner plays in our lives is cheerleader. Your spouse is a source of encouragement when all hope seem lost and giving up seems to be the only option. A simple ‘you can do it’ from your spouse can keep you going and strong. Do not take these words for granted. It is time to cheer your spouse with these three words.

• ‘’I am proud of you’’: After that multitasking or wonderful achievement, instead of wondering what your spouse has done that every one seems to be lauding her, why not tell her something to make her
know you believe in her ability. This five-word affirmative phrase can push him or her to do better next time. Unfortunately, some people see their spouse as their competition, thereby holding back compliments that are due them. You should see your spouse’s achievements as yours; it boosts confidence.

• ‘’You are beautiful’’: In one way or the other, we all have been recipients of insincere compliments, and because of that, too often this phrase only elicits a rolling of the eye. However, there is nothing as rewarding as the feeling we get when people we love drop their doozy, as we wake up with our unwashed face along our puffy eyes; and knowing they mean it.

• ‘’I appreciate you’’: The act of showing appreciation to your spouse whenever they do something out of their will is very important. As easy as it sounds, it is capable of breaking or strengthening your relationship. Some people do not see the need for appreciation, thinking it is their spouses’ duty to do whatever it is for them.
Appreciating your spouses’ every little effort, keeps your relationship flourishing.

• ‘’I am sorry’’:This is the most powerful tool for settling disputes between friends and lovers. It can mend or break relationships if not appropriately said. A wise man or woman is one who says, “I am sorry” whenever they have done wrong. The essence is to maintain and ensure the existence of love and peace. If you have a value for your relationship or your spouse, then this three-word sentence should not be difficult for you to say when you need to show remorse for your bad deeds, and do your best to make sure it never happens again.

• ‘’I support you’’: Be a source of support to your spouse. If your spouse has your backing, it is akin to having the full force of the whole community behind you in whatever you want to do. When you always have the support of your spouse on every step you take, be rest assured there is nothing you cannot do. Don’t forget to remind him or her that you support them especially when they are embarking on a difficult task. Mind you, it isn’t enough to say it, but do it.



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