One of the most underrated things that hardly get talked about in relationships is the need to overlook some certain things and knowing the best time to do so. 

What we always talk about is the need to communicate all worries and concerns and everything that bothers you in the relationship. There’s actually nothing wrong with that.
 No one can say communication is bad for you and your partner because communication is the solid foundation on which all relationships are built.

However being the partner who tries to communicate everything and talk about all wrongs, no matter how minor will take you away from the realm of communicative and expressive to thinking and overbearing.

As much as communication is key, there is still a need for a balance and that balance can be found in knowing what to overlook and what should compulsorily and necessarily be talked about.
Until you reach a place in your relationship where that balance is evenly found and achieved, you may continue to have problems with your partner and that relationship. 
Always put this at the back of your mind that no relationship is perfect. In case that didn’t register, repeat it to yourself a few times for good measure.

There are things that can be weed out, worth fighting over and what you need to let go in order to make it work.

Here are some certain things you need to over look in other to have a
healthy relationship.

• Age difference: honestly age is one thing people need to overlook in order to have a healthy relationship. In cases where the woman is older than man, she should always have it at the back of her mind that no matter what the man is still the man. Never in anyway should you reject your partner due to the age difference after all age is just a number. The thoughts of what society and family members will think about your age gap is certainly not a reason to make your relationship hit the rocks, as long as the love and understanding is there then you both are good to go.

• Friends: friends are important for everyone, but there are times when you might not like your partner’s friends due to one reason or the other. But no matter how useless you consider their friends to be, it is best to over look these things. Your relationship is not with his/her friends.

• Looks: never base your love for your partner on their looks and appearances. This is one thing that can cause uproar in your relationship. Looks change with age and time, but what stays forever is the loving nature of person.

• Avoid making assumptions: when people know each other for a while there is a tendency that one can predict what their partner can do, and react to certain issues. However when couples fall into the pattern of making assumptions about each other too readily, some significant problems may start creeping in. In this case communications between partners can shut down over time. Partner’s stops getting curious about each other and incorrect assumptions sets in about each other that can lead to miscommunication.



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