7tips how to wear hijab 


  1. layering 

A lot of women they don’t want to wear under liner under their Abaya and the modern tricks for styling abayas is actually layering.

  1. Trench style abaya 

We have been seeing trench style abayas in a lot of different designs, some with bottons and others with an addition of beautiful belt to wrap around the waist. 

  1. abaya dress style 

Abaya dresses are absolutely gorgeous and they give the comfort and chic style of abaya, they give the comfort and chic style of abaya with the sophistication and freedom of a dress.

  1. Monochrome abaya look 

Monochrome abaya looks are so chic just match your entire outfit with the same color shade like nude or pastel

5 abaya Steve detail

Balloon and puffy Steve’s are really trending right now, they add such a modern cool twist on the looks.

  1. Accessorizing abayas

It can be simple as wearing beautiful heels and stunning bag or even adding more to the look with pop against your abaya.

  1. Classic all black abaya looks 

The black abaya is a classic and is still loved for its chic-ness and simplicity.


By Salma Shehu