Islam is one of the major religions in Nigeria and Africa. Asides being a religion, Islam has also influenced architecture in many parts of Africa. Majestic mosques can be found in almost every state in the country.

Below are some of the most beautiful mosques in Nigeria:

Bashir Uthman Tofa Mosque

The Bashir Tofa Mosque is regarded as the most beautiful mosque in Nigeria. The architecture is majestically enchanting. This grand edifice lies in Gandu Albasa in the ancient state of Kano, and its breathtaking magnificence does more than brighten up the city.

Its architectural masterpiece is beautifully finished with the finest materials in the world. The mosque was named after Alhaji Bashir Uthman Tofa, a National Republican Convention (NRC) Candidate in the annulled Nigerians June 12,1993 Presidential election.

Kano Central Mosque, Kano

The Great Mosque of Kano is said to have been shifted to a new site in 1582 by Muhammed Zaki and rebuilt yet again due to disrepair sometime between 1855 and 1883 by Sarkin Kano, Abdullahi dan Dabo.

After its destruction in the 1950s, the British Government sponsored the building of a new mosque in gratitude for the Nigerian role in WWII.

National Mosque, Abuja

The National Mosque, Abuja, is also known as The Nigeria National Mosque. It was built in 1984 and it’s situated on Independence Avenue, across from the National Christian Center in the heart of Nigeria’s Capital City.

It features a gold dome that glitters in the sun. The National mosque is the most impressive sight in Abuja; no one can miss the sight of this beautiful edifice in the city of Abuja.

The mosque houses a library, religious school and a conference hall. The golden dome and minarets of the national mosque dominate the skyline of Nigeria’s Capital city.

Ilorin Central Mosque

The Ilorin Central Mosque in the ancient city of Ilorin, the Kwara State Capital, is a center to behold. The 20,000 capacity mosque no doubt, has added to the list of tourist’s attraction centers in the country.

The mosque, which has been rightly christened ‘The Pride of Ilorin’, boasts architectural designs, gates designation and interior décor which is a replication of the second grand mosque in Medinah, Saudi Arabia (the beautiful mosque of the Holy Prphet Muhammed (peace be upon him)).

And just like the two holy mosques in Makkah and Medinah, the six gates leading to the Ilorin central mosque have been named after the prominent leaders of the town highly revered for their unmatched exploits in the field of Islamic studies.

Lagos Central Mosque

The Lagos Central Mosque was built in 1841. It is notable as a symbolic place of worship. The Lagos Central Mosque is a commanding structure which has existed for over 160 years.



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