Bello Shehu and Hauwa Musa Jalo


Two big families in Gombe were brought together yet again by the wedding of Hauwa Musa Jalo and Bello Shehu. Hauwa is the granddaughter of late Senator Jalo Waziri who was, until his death, the Waziri of Gombe, while the groom is the grandson of the late Emir of Gombe Alh Shehu Abubakar. Why I say “yet again” is because, the late Jalo Waziri was married to late Haj. Fatima, fondly known as Goggo Hajja, who was the sister of the late Emir – Shehu and the daughter of late Emir Sarki Abubakar. It’s like history just repeated itself with yet another union.

The wedding of these love birds- Hauwa Jalo Waziri and Bello Shehu was one that wouldn’t be forgotten soon on its own merit.  It wasn’t just ordinary, it was like the fairytale wedding of a princess marrying her Prince Charming.  Everything was set out as she desired. Being the first child and first daughter of her family, her parents left no stone unturned to make the wedding memorable for the couple and for every guest that attended the occasion. The series of events lined up to celebrate the wedding include the following: Sakun Lailai, Kamu, Walima, Mothers’ Night and Dinner. The bride was an epitome of beauty who appeared gorgeous in all her princess-like attires for different occasions. Her makeup was done by the famous Oshewa Beauty who came all the way from Lagos to put a blush on her face, while Maigaskiya photos from Abuja was her personal photographer, and Mina Decoration from Kano did the wedding deco. Everything in this wedding can be rated superb. Guests also were well entertained with mouthwatering sumptuous cuisines. The atmosphere of the event was comforting and blissful as different local musicians were there to beat the drums.  A remarkable display by her little sisters, who did a heart touching musical performance, shouldn’t go unmentioned. It was awesome and refreshing!

Not to bore you with long stories, let me conclude by saying that the wonderful occasion was attended by many dignitaries, friends and family who came from far and near to grace the occasion.

In Tozali, we speak in pictures. As they say, pictures speak thousands of words; so, flip through and give your eyes a feast.