Ways to care for your feet during harmattan season.


It’s that time of the season where you see different shades of cracked up feet which looks unhealthy and a sight for sore eyes.  The harmattan season isn’t a reason for your feet to look bad because the foot is composed of naturally thick and dry skin unlike the remaining parts of the body. The feet have no oil glands so it relies on thousands of sweat glands to keep it moisturized. The feet can become dry for a number of reasons, but during the harmattan it dries out cracks up. There are many ways to prevent this, such as:

  1. Remove dead dry skin with feet filler: when our feet get dry it becomes ugly and have a cranky look which creates an unhealthy impression about you. Feet filler are used to take off dead dry skin during this season.
  2. Wash and Moisture your feet: it is advisable to always keep our feet clean at all times. Because our feet are dry and it requires thousands of sweat to make it sweat washing the feet is the best thing to do. After washing moisturize the feet to make it look good, attractive and smooth
  3. Avoid rubbing or scratching the feet: It is very important to avoid rubbing and scratching the feet in other to get a smooth and clear look. When the feet are scratched it looks rough, and ugly.
  4. Do oils: instead of lotion try some olive oil, coconut oil, Vaseline or Shea butter on your feet to keep it moisturized and smooth.
  5. Wear socks to bed: wearing sock improves dry feet not only during harmattan season but always after washing and moisturizing them. This speed up the moisturizing process and makes your feet to look and feel much softer and smoother in the morning.


By Maimuna Bagudu


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