Benefits of Honey for Skin Aging

Aging is inevitable, but our desire to maintain a youthful looking appearance has had us digging into the world of natural anti-aging miracles. One such product is honey, which can give us younger looking, and beautiful skin. So,
here is  how to use honey for anti aging. 

1. Anti Oxidant Benefit of Honey
Free radicals, which occur as a part of our normal metabolic process, are the main culprits for skin aging. They can also occur due to sun damage or exposure to pollution. These free radicals destroy the collagen level in the skin, which provides the main structural support for our skin. When collagen level starts to decrease, our skin becomes saggy and aging signs, such as wrinkles and lines begin to form. This skin damage can be prevented with the help of anti oxidants.
Honey contains multiple anti oxidants, such as chrysin, pinobanksin, catalase, pinocembrin. When we use honey topically, the anti oxidant benefits of honey can fight off the free radicals and protect the skin from damages.

2. Exfoliates the Skin
Exfoliation is very important for our skin. Lack of exfoliation can lead to build up of dead skin cells and other impurities on the top layer of the skin, which can also invite untimely aging of skin. Honey helps with exfoliating as well.
About 1% of honey consists of organic acid. Honey contains AHA, mainly gluconic acid. Gluconic acid helps in removing dead skin cells from the skin, thus minimizing appearances of fine lines and light wrinkles. 

3. Provides Moisturization
We know that dry skin is more prone to aging, especially premature aging. Hence moisturization is a must to keep aging signs at bay. Honey is a great natural moisturizer for our skin. It has humectant properties, which help to bind moisture and also prevent water-loss from the skin. Topical application of honey keeps the skin soft, moisturized and maintains optimum hydration.

4. Rich in Nutrients
Along with anti oxidants, honey is a great source of skin-friendly nutrients. It contains six vitamins,
several minerals like, zinc and selenium, organic acids, specially gluconic acid as well as 18-20 amino acids. These nutrients in honey work effectively and add nourishment to the skin cells, thus repairing damages and preventing aging signs.

Raw honey is darker than the ones we get in the market. The darker the honey, the greater levels of anti-oxidant in it, according to experts. Using manuka honey is said to be the best for our skin, due to its rich nutrients content.


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