Black is a “Costly Beauty”



Many are crazy about fair skin and go to the extent of changing their complexion. Everyday you get to see products advertisements of creams, lotions , sunscreens and other unscientific products that claim to make your skin fairer.

Dark skin is adapted to sunlight and has increased quantity of a pigment called melanin. The more melanin you have, the darker your skin and the safer you are! Melanin along with other factors acts as a natural umbrella and prevents harmful radiation from entering your skin.

Black skin is safe and beautiful :

● you are less prone to sunburns:
Darker skin allows you spend a much longer time out in the Sun going your normal daily activity and you probably have never ever experienced any blister due to sunlight. The light skinned individuals often get painful tomato-red or carrot-red inflamed sunburns on exposure to sunlight.

● You do not experience photoaging:
Deep wrinkles broken blood vessels on the nose and cheeks, freckles, age spots and rough scaly spots called keratosis are commonly seen in white skinned individuals with long Sun exposure. These set of changes are called photo-aging.
Darker skin individuals have a natural sun protection, less wrinkles, smooth even when exposed to the same amount of sunlight with the white or light skinned individuals.

● You are less prone to skin cancer:
Without melanin, you can imagine white skin as a transparent covering which allows ht to penetrate through the lower layers of the skin. This radiation causes damage to the DNA and a few cells may mutate to cause skin cancer, some of which are deadly. You are lucky that your natural umbrella blocks UV light effectively and cells in different layers of the skin suffer much less damage compared to white-skinned individuals.

By Safrat Gani