Brides and Styles

Brides and Styles

Brides and Styles

Some time ago we gave you a Roll Call of Tozli Brides. If you have been following the numerous weddings we have featured, you will notice that each bride comes with her own style, or what you might call her own “Swag”. Check out the Tozali Brides and their Styles, presented here in no particular order:



Meema Ali – The Bride of Umar Isa Yuguda: She wore this broad smile that gave her eyes a romantic twinkle. From her designer Gele to her dinner gown, she exuded unmatched elegance. Her gems-stones studded neckpiece and earrings competed with her beads studded Organza lace outfit. She radiated the type of splendour associated with royalty.





Nafisat Huhu-Koko – The Bride of Abdulwarith Ali Shugaba: Her lacy red Organza dinner gown clung to her perfect body and then cascaded to the ground from her knees in a wide sweep, with her creamy Gele matching her clutch bag which she gripped with both hands to display the henna designs on the back of her hands, down to her well-manicured fingers and nails. She just stood, posing with this coy smile and starry eyes that appeared not to be staring at all. Nafisat Nuhu-Koko was indeed a bride with her own style.





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