Cheapest Hotels in Abuja


Whenever people talk about hotels in Abuja, what often comes to the mind of travellers is that being the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja will have the most expensive hotels in Nigeria. Yes, they are very correct, but a popular truism says that all fingers are not equal, therefore, cheap hotels exist in Abuja with good facilities and services that will leave you feeling like you wish you didn’t have to leave the city and go back home because of the awesome experience .

As you drive into the city, you observe its unique organisation, beauty and serene environment, especially when you are coming from a busy and hectic city like Lagos.

Are you already in the city and you are appreciating its fine structures, cool breeze, and hospitable people from many different countries and tribes? I bet you will love to extend your stay in the city after you have gone through this list of cheapest hotels in Abuja.


Femas Hotel:It is located in a serene environment with rooms as low as  #3,000 per night. Femas Hotel rank among the cheapest in Abuja. The rooms are well air-conditioned with free internet access and TV for news, sports and music, and a standard restaurant and bar.


Guidna Guest House:Also ranks among the cheapest hotels; you can get rooms as low as #2,400. The rooms have showers, standing fans and cool beds. It has a parking lot for guests.

Jikwoyi Hotel:It has a beautiful building and is located in a cool secure environment. The hotel offers services like comfortable and affordable rooms with refrigerators, air-conditioner, and laundry services, on site bar offering wines, beer and soft drinks, and restaurant which serves local and continental dishes. It also provides a parking lot for guests. This hotel charges as low as #2,500 per room.

De Shedrack Hotels:Each room has fans and a suite bedroom for your convenience. They also serve local and continental dishes with bar for all kind of drinks. A large garage for you to park your car. The hotel is located in an area with top security.

Peace Guest Inn:Is also ranks among the cheapest, it is located in a serene environment. Their rooms cost #2,000 per night. The rooms have TV, fans and showers.


Aso Hotel and Garden:Rooms here are fitted with fans, TV and shower. It offers meals and drinks services from their restaurant and bar respectively. They offer laundry services as well. They cost #2,400 per night.

K-city Lodge:Has a parking space for cars, 24-hour power supply, security, bar and lounge, air-conditioned rooms with 24-hour room service. With #2,400, you can chill out at this spot.


Confidence Guest House:It has in its rooms air-conditioners, fans,

showers, and a double bed. Also there is a provision for parking cars, security, steady power and bar. You can barely spend #2, 500 per night.

Aniben Guest House:Their room ranges from #2,500 to #3,000, with good facilities like TV, shower and air conditioner. It is located in a secure environment so your security is guaranteed.


Ene Senior Guest Inn:They provide services like TV, bathtub, in-house movies, and it is located in a secure area. They provide parking lot, laundry/dry cleaning services, safety deposit boxes, food and drinks, air conditioned rooms and 24 hours electricity made possible by a stand-by generator. Their rooms cost about #5,000 per night.

Bencalik Hotel:You can relax in Bencalik Hotel with loved ones. They have dry cleaning services, drink and restaurant services which are rendered fee. Their rooms have cable TV channels and air-conditioners. They charge roughly #2,700 per night.

The hotels above provide almost the same services that the expensive hotels in the city render.

So, as you plan that visit to Abuja, make sure you check out any of those cheapest hotels if you are on a tight budget. And don’t forget to share your experience.