Common Signs of falling in Love


The feeling of love is great! When you love someone, you will just know it; and the feelings? Like fireworks! Usually there is a butterfly that comes when you first start seeing someone. Don’t hold yourself back, it is ok to fall in love. Don’t go searching for logic because emotions have no justification and theories. Just allow yourself to feel what you want to feel and express what you feel. The big “L” as we all know has often been mistaken for a lot of other emotions such as infatuation, like or lust. The feeling of being in love, however, goes beyond liking someone or wanting to just have sex with them. In order not to confuse love for any other emotion, here are some common signs to tell you if you are in love or have ever been in love before.

You are Addicted to the Person:
The first stage of love is usually the obsessive part when you can’t stop thinking about them or get them out of your mind. It is like being in a state of euphoria and even scientists have agreed that there is usually a change in the brain. There is activity in the anterior cingulated which is the area of the brain linked to obsessive thinking, which is a classic experience when people are falling in love. It is good to note that as your relationship progresses however, you will likely have more control of your emotions and the obsessive thinking about them reduces.
Distances Makes Your Heart Grow Fonder:
When you are in love with somebody and they have to be apart from you for a reason, it is only natural that you miss them and wish they were with you. Your level of commitment to the relationship will determine how much you miss them. There is the feeling of not being complete when your lover is not around and nothing makes you feel as serene as when you and your partner are together.

You Grow as a Person:
When you are in love with someone, you begin to feel more confident with yourself, your sense of self grows and you also pick up some new traits and characteristics from them. You either notice these changes yourself or others around you can tell the difference because the things you care about, your habits, how you spend your time or all of these are subject to the influence of a new romantic partner.

You Have Thoughts of a Future Together:
When you are thinking about your future and this person plays a dominant role in it, then you are truly in love. You can’t imagine a life without your loved one and as you make plans for the future, you always factor them into the equation. When you start using words like ‘we’ and not “I,” be certain your emotions are strong enough to be considered as love.

You Willingly Compromise:
One of the big signs that you are in love is when you are willing to make compromises for your partner. You make decisions that you know will make your partner happy even if it brings you out of your comfort zone. You always put them first in many areas of your life. They become most important priority in your life also. Since your partner takes interest in a particular thing, you are likely to pick interest in it as well, but in making compromises it is always important to remember that it is a two way thing and one shouldn’t completely lose oneself in the process.

You Want Your Friends and Family to like him/her:
To an average Nigerian, family is very important as most families are close knit. When you are in love with someone, you badly want your parents to like them, you want them to get along with your friends and basically have the approval of others in your life. Since you will be spending a lot of time together, you are usually quick to raise good points in their favour in front of your family, or support them among other people you care about.

‘’We’’ Comes Before Me:
Psychologists say that we live in an age of narcissism. We’re each wrapped up in our individual journeys. A lot of people have spent the better part of their lives on a spiritual journey to sort themselves out, and find peace. But the moment they meet that special one, they realize that they would put we, our needs, and our goals, ahead of my, mine, and I. It’s absolutely incredibly inspiring and freeing.