Dos and Don’ts of Shoes


Shoes happens to be one of the most loved fashion accessories by men and women. When it comes to buying shoes, some women or even men will shop till they spend the last money they have got on them till they drop for the perfect shoe. Shoe shopping is such a glorious activity and enjoyable for must shopping lovers. You walk straight into a boutique and take a walk round to see if you will get that shoe that you have been dreaming of.

People can tell a lot about you by the shoes you are wearing. The common misconception about shoes that people have is that they are meant to bring out your fashion side. The truth is that shoes are good for your feet as well as your overall health.

Thus, this article will update you on the rulebook to the dos and don’ts of wearing shoes. Read on:

Dos of wearing shoes.

Do wear shoes that you will feel comfortable in: People especially ladies like wearing tight shoes which is very part for your foot and toes. It is better and also advisable that your shoes allow freedom to move your toes. Pain and fatigue result if shoes are too narrow or too shallow. Your feet can only be as comfortable as the footwear permits.

Do choose fit over style: You won’t look great if your feet hurt. Wearing tight shoes will definitely change your foot in such a way that you will be embarrassed to even wear open shoes. Always make sure that the size of your shoes is not too tight or too big. Your shoes should always be comfortable and it should also be the type of shoe that you can wear and will not cause pain and sore for the rest of the day.

DO choose footwear according to the hazard at your workplace:  If your workplace is the type that requires you to move up and down a lot, then there is no need to wear heels you should rather opt for ballerinas or flat shoes. If you are a man, buy a nice pair of loafer, they go with almost anything.

DO ensure that your shoes have arch supports: Lack of arch support causes flattening of the foot. When your foot gets flatten, you will lose a good walking posture. It will look as if you are struggling to walk and this can be quite embarrassing when people get to know it was shoes that cause it.

DO choose shoes that provide a firm grip for the heel: If the back of the shoe is too wide or too soft, the shoe will slip, causing instability and soreness.

Always wear shoes that are close in colour to your trousers: Men spend a lot of money when it comes to their shoes, wristwatches and belts. One of the dos of shoes for men is to wear shoe that is of the same colour or close to the colour of their trouser. This will make you to stand out and also make you a fashion inspiration to people.

Donts of shoes       

The don’ts of shoes, otherwise known as the disadvantages of wearing or buying shoes are many. Read below the don’ts of shoes and try as much as possible to abide by the rules.

DON’T wear shoes with heels higher than 5 cm (2 inches):  Just like every girl out there, we love our heels. They are trendy, have a beautiful arch, and more importantly, they look great with anything. But let’s be honest, ladies, they don’t exactly feel as great as they look, do they? What’s the point of getting shoes so high that you can barely walk in them for like 10 minutes let alone walk straight in them.  The shorter the inches of your heels the better.

DON’T wear socks with sandals: This is one of the fashion blunders that men commit. How will you feel as a man when your fellow man laughs at you when he sees you on sandals and socks? Always look yourself at the mirror before going out or ask people around you. Socks and sandals is a big No!

Don’t wear flip-flops at work: This is a no no for wearing shoes and definitely it is a big crime when you wear such to the office. It is better to wear loafers as they are flat and will make you comfortable when you are walking around.

Don’t wear sandals if you have bad toes and feet:  It is better to wear covered shoes so that you don’t leave people staring at you.

Don’t go for quantity but rather go for quality: Buying like 3 to 5 pieces of shoes because they are cheap doesn’t mean you are going with trend. What if after a while the skin of the shoe start coming off? Always opt for what you know would last and you won’t regret buying. Go for quality great looking shoes, it would with it at the end of the day.

Don’t Wear Suede and Canvas Shoes During Rainy Days:  How many times has it happened to you that you wore the wrong kind of shoes during a rainy day? Well we have all fallen victim to this situation too many times. While the first instinct is to advise you to wear waterproof shoes, it’s also important to know what not to wear during the rainy season. Unless you want them to get ruined in the downpour, you better equip yourself to be safe.

If you will incorporate these into your dos and don’ts of wearing your shoes, you will definitely be a fashion icon to a lot of people around you.

By Pupwaya Timothy Dibal


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