It was double dose of excitement as the oil mogul himself Alhaji Mohammed Indimi gave out his beautiful daughters Hauwa and Meram to the love of their lives; the two sisters shared their special day together. The wedding bells rang and every bit of the Indimi sister’s special day was extremely enjoyable. Double delight you can say; the two beautiful sisters served us all types of styles, designs, dance steps, show case of love and lots more.

The wedding which took place in Maiduguri defined elegance in every way you could imagine.
You will agree with me that Northern weddings are really beautiful and this particular wedding of the Indimi sisters didn’t disappoint us. The event kick started with a bridal shower party for Hauwa.

Hauwa had her bridal shower party surrounded by her friends, sisters and other family members. The two beauties celebrated their nuptials in a lengthy ceremony according to the Northern Nigeria tradition. As it is with the culture of the northerners, the wedding was a week’s celebration that started with the Kayan Zance (bridal gifts), then moves a couple more steps and lands at the kamu which means ‘’Catch the Bride’’ where the grooms family negotiated with the brides friends for their release to them, willing to pay any price to have them,. A settlement was made at the end of the day and  the kamu event and negotiation was followed by a fun reception.


Not forgetting the ‘’wushe wushe’’ celebration which is peculiar with the Maiduguri people.  All the dinners where on point and both brides looked stunning in every dress they wore. The beautiful brides were overjoyed as they looked radiant in their expensive attires.

Hauwa who is a vlogger got married to Mohammed Yar’adua the son of late NNPC, managing director, Abubakar Yar’adua, while Meram got married to Baffa.

Hauwa looked exceptionally beautiful for her marriage rights all thanks to beauty expert,’’ Jide of Stola’’. Truth be told Hauwa is naturally a gorgeous bride who doesn’t need much makeup. For her ‘’wushe wushe’’, she opted for nude pink lipstick, gold eye shadow and popping long lashes which she rocked with Fulani braids dangling down her cheeks.

Her second look was ‘wow’ as she added some spice using burgundy defined red lipsticks and smoky burgundy eye shadow which complimented her gold jewelry and coral beads. For both looks, a hijab scarf and white turban added all the regality she needed to complete her beautiful looks.

The beautiful Meram whose mom is a Chadian, looked like a Chadian princess on her special day all thanks to ‘’Dazeita’’ make over for bringing out the beautiful bride. The wedding deco was off the hook as blue velvet marquee did justice to the place.

The whole celebrations was wrapped up with ‘’Kai Amarya’’ which is when the bride is escorted to her matrimonial home by her friends. You can’t be the daughters of an oil mogul such as Mohammed Indimi and
not deliver, can you?

Hauwa and Meram, whose father is a billionaire, shared these stages together and they both looked happy and excited all through their special day. We wish them the very best in their new homes. May the odds forever be in their favour.

photo credit: @bighphotograpy, @bature



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