FOLLOWING FASHION TREND

Outfits come and go. Such is the essence of fashion. It is all in trend. Why do we follow it? Most often the reason is that we wish to blend in. In truth, there are some advantages associated with going with the flow. But this does not fully offset the disadvantages.

PROS: It makes shopping easier going by the trend means we are ready to buy what majority of the stores offer. This saves our time in the mall.

1. An inspiring personality: One of the greatest advantages of fashion is the development of your personality. The people, in your company, get impressed by you and follow you as a model. On the other hand, if your ways and manners are outdated, folks will neither like you nor enjoy your company.

2. It gives the follower a competitive edge: Proven by research and seen by use in the real world of shallowness, we women dress for other women. We want to appear cool within our friend circle. Following the fashion tends to make it happen.

3. Beautification: This is what people call the primary goal of fashion and limit the broader term to just one of its types, i.e. personal grooming. For humans, beauty is what attracts the most and becomes a piece of permanent joy.

4. Helps you stay confident: When you follow the prevailing trends in society, there develops boldness in your personality while interacting with others. Fashionable people are usually outspoken and are a step ahead in the field of socialization. On the other hand, the lack of fashion makes you timid and shy which is a dangerous thing as it suppresses your potential and snubs the power of initiative.

5. Inner Delight: When you become confident and do bold things in the society, you experience a sense of great inner delight. This is the fruit of your effort that you put in adopting and maintaining fashion. It also makes your mood fresh as you can see that the fashionable people always seem to be happy with a pleasant smile on their face.

6. It is a great way to enjoy the youth: Do you ever notice how with each passing age our outfit options decrease? When we reach 40 we stick to less flashy colors and designs. After the age of 60, we get more formal and thus prefer more seriousness in our dressing style. The best time of our lives falls between the ages of 14 an 28. Most fashion trends are designed with the young group in mind. Hence, we have a wide variety of cloths to choose from. Why not enjoy it while it lasts? There will always be time for plain cloths. They never go out of fashion.

CONS: It can turn the follower into a laughing stock. As we know, going with the trend means buying whatever is in the store without wondering whether it will suit us or not. This is not always favourable. Guys have a variety of names for those who fail to dress up according to their body types.

Follower is only a follower, not a trendsetter: The idea to go by the trend hinders us from experimenting and coming up with our own fashion statements. We admit it or not, going with the flow does give us lower rank. The trendsetter: The trendsetters stay on the top with their power to innovate and create fashion. Note that one does not require celebrity status to start one.

It is a habit too hard to eliminate: Following fashion trends can turn into addiction which sometimes is difficult to get rid of, impacting not just confidence level, but also financial condition.

Suitable trendy clothes can still give the follower a bad name: Intellectuals in our society preach individualism because this is what our country stands for. Those who are for it have multiple names for a follower. At the end, the idea does make us lose our true identity.

It divides and rules: Corporate world has a tendency to regard people with no interest in fashion as ugly and social outcast. This has profound impact on school girls. Not all fall under the spell, but typically the trendy ones prefer to stay in their own fashionable group, isolating those who are serious about studies and don’t care about fashion. In most cases, they form their own little groups.

Fashion is Akin to Extravagancy: Fashion can rightly be called another name of extravagancy as it requires people to spend money lavishly on things which are not that much important for survival or happy living. That is why it can be considered one of the greatest disadvantages of fashion. As fashion is never static and keeps on changing with the passage of time, so the followers of new trends have to spend a lot of money for every new and more expensive thing. For example, the launch of new dressing styles, smart phones, cars and other such things triggers a strong desire among fashion lovers to buy them. They make it their first priority to purchase such undesirably expensive things. This is what, in words, we call extravagant.

Fashion drives individuals away from satisfaction: A lover of fashion can never achieve a state of self-satisfaction. Their desires go on increasing and can never be fulfilled completely. It is particularly because the trends and styles of living always keep on changing and evolving to greater fascinations. Just take an example of a person who cannot resist buying the latest brand of a car, say Mercedes. As a year or so passes after the launch of a particular model, the company prepares to launch a new version with improved technological accomplishments. There is usually special focus on the style and performance of the vehicle. This makes the fashion loving people very restless. They can restore the peace of their mind only after purchasing it. Once they have bought it, a still newer model seems to be coming. Consequently, it is extremely difficult for such individuals to get ultimate satisfaction or peace of mind.