Are you an unemployed graduate and waiting for governments jobs? Then you need to read this to the end – don’t skip a single line.
Self employment refers to being one’s own employer; being your own boss rather than relying on someone else to employ you to work for him/her in his/her own business. It will be right to say that Nigeria currently has a terrible unemployment situation in need of solution. There are hundreds of thousands of young graduate in the country who are either under employed or completely unemployed. On top of this, higher institutions of learning churn out graduates into the labour market every year. The sad thing here is that the system of education in Nigeria places less emphasis on self employment but more on preparing graduates for jobs which are not readily available.
Those lucky enough to have a job also have their own problem to deal with. Many have to make do with meagre salaries. It is also very common to hear of workers being own salaries for several months by employers including government organizations. Those working in private non unionized establishments are often reluctant to protest for better treatment for fear of being given sack letters which is the order of the day by private organizations.
Tozali Crew as usual was out to sample some opinions on this issue.
Graduates should consider self-employment to be self-reliant and be able to fend for themselves before a job comes. Being self employed gives one room to grow in diverse ways, learn different skills and put it in use. Even though the economy is not too viable to support the self employed, the self employed in turn grows the economy because of tax payment and even employing other people, that is job creation. When you are self employed, it reduces the burden on government to give out jobs that is not even available in the first place. It also reduces the chances of going into crime, once the mind and hands are engaged in positive things, and then the devils workshop won’t come into place because the mind is not idle.


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