How To Remove Stretch Marks

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How to remove stretch marks at home

Stretch marks occur due to weight gain fluctuation and pregnancy. Stretch marks visible marks on the waist, thighs, hips, breast, arms and stomach after child birth.
There’re home remedies to get rid of stretch marks or reduce them to the barest minimum.
Aloe vera is one plant that can be used, it has anti-inflammatory properties, nutrients, vitamins along with enzymes. Aloe vera is one of the go-to-home remedies to cure stretch marks.

How to use aloe vera

• Remove the outer layer of the aloe Vera plant and scoop out it’s gel.

• Mix 2 table spoons of coconut oil with 2 table spoons of aloe vera gel

• Apply the mixture on the stretch marks and allow it to sit for 20 to 40 minutes

• Rinse out with water

• The process should be repeated daily for faster and clearer skin

How to use tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is also effective in treating stretch marks. It has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Tea tree oil is known to reduce stubborn scars on the skin, it also contain antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial elements which reduces inflammation and cure skin allergies.

• Mix few drops of tea tree oil with a half table spoon of olive oil
• Massage the mixed oils gently on the stretch marks
• Tea tree oil can be mixed with vitamin E and coconut oil.
• The mixture can be applied overnight before washing

How to use sugar for stretch marks

Sugar is a natural exfoliant that can cure stretch marks, it can be used with essential oils to remove stretch marks and other stubborn spots from the skin.

• Mix 1 table spoon of sugar with a few drops of essential oils and vitamin E

• Mix them together and use it like a scrub on the affected area

• Scrub for few minutes and then rinse out with warm water

By Safrat Gani