Hygiene you should not over look


 It is true that many people go round causing havoc with their smelly body and their bad breath. No matter the morning rush, you much make sure you do the needful before you set out each day to avoid getting distracted or uncomfortable by others.  The following will help you smell good every day when you are out with friends and even strangers.

KEEP YOUR BREATH FRESH: Many people suffer bad breath, with some, it is only for a short period of time and with others, it is a consistent smell. In most cases, bad breath is caused by smelly gum and tongue not the teeth as assumed by many. Unfortunately, many people do not even know their breath stinks and it can only take some one very close to you to tell you about your bad breath. This is why it is essential for you to look out for yourself properly before you step out of your door. 

  You can try this simple test: Lick your wrist and wait for the saliva to dry up and then smell the area after 5mins. If it smells awful, then your mouth smells awful as well and it’s time to do something urgently. 

GET RID OF UNDER ARM HAIR: It’s disgusting to see people walk around with armless cloth that exposes their under arm hair. When you sweat under your arm, and it gets wet especially when it gets hot, bacteria gets choked in there and it starts smelling making your entire body smell. You find bacteria present in closed and hot places. There are no health risks to having all the hair under your arm shaved off as long as it’s done hygienically. Use a new razor and an antiseptic soap after which. And be ready to hit the road smelling clean and fresh all through the day

USE A DEODORANT:  It can be very embarrassing sweating profusely especially after an exercise. Having a warm bath and using a deodorant after which, gives you a fresh breath. Deodorants help you smell good, you can find very cheap ones in case your problem is “No Money’’, you can afford the cheap ones and be ready to smell nice all the way because no matter how cheap they are, they still serve the same purpose so you do not have any excuse not to smell well. In-case you sweat too much and it causes you to smell bad even after having your bath and applying a deodorant, it is better to inform your doctor about your condition and get help as soon as possible. It is better to sit with a non-classy person smelling good than sit with a smelly classy person. Being classy and smelling good is a total package. 

CHANGE CLOTHES AND UNDERWEARS: Dirty cloths, especially underwear and socks can harbour micro- organisms when they are wet or unclean. Repeating dirty clothes or sharing dirty or wearing wet cloths can lead to skin infection. It is also important to wear clean socks to make sure your feet are clean. You sweat on your feet after wearing your shoes all through the day and if your feet are not allowed to receive fresh air, fungi can arise and can cause bad smells and conditions such as athlete foot.


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