In different parts of the world, women have an indefinite love for beautifying their bodies. However, women engage in body decorations for various reasons; some go for it to enhance their beauty, while others do it for religious or social reasons.
Lalle design also known as henna is a special and natural way of beautifying a woman’s body. lalle is well known and it is identified in all the northern states of Nigeria.  It’s a traditional practice that exist mostly in the northern part of Nigeria which is popularly known among the Hausa, Fulani and the Kanuri culture. This lalle design is been made only on hand and legs or in arms but it only last for some weeks or even a month.
Lalle is acquired from the dry leaf of lalle where you can make or transform it into powder, mixed with water in a plastic container or the like. It is applied with or without a design. It beautifies a lady’s hand and leg. You can put your mixed lalle into a nylon bag and do the designs all through the hands or legs and allow it to dry for some hours or minutes. After it dries, wash it with water. The beauty of the lalle will appear making it very attractive.
Lalle is very important to ladies especially in healing wounds like open wounds and it also keeps a woman’s body warm. Lalle design is a well-known practice during weddings in the North.
It is celebrated in the northern part of Nigeria as part of the marriage rites, naming ceremonies, Birthday celebrations etc. and is widely accepted as a sign of blessing. Kamu is a day that is specially selected to celebrate the beautification of the bride’s skin, arms and legs with Lalle during the marriage ceremony. It is done by the groom’s family which signifies that she is now a woman and she has become somebody’s wife. Local entertainers make the event lively by performing lovely traditional songs. They beat their drums and blow their flutes while people dance and cheer at the same time. 


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