Letter to a Doctor

Dear Doctor

I am 23 years old and have not had my period. My little sister Eferurobo is 17 years old and has had her period since she was 13. I am ashamed to talk about it to my friends because I don’t know if I have a problem of developing slowly, or does it take longer when you are a boy?

Yours faithfully




Intensive Care Unit

It happened in a hospital in Warri, in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) patients died in the same bed every Sunday at 3pm. Doctors thought it was something supernatural. So, a team of experts was formed to investigate the cause.

The following Sunday, few minutes before 3pm, all doctors and nurses stood around that particular bed waiting to see what it was. Suddenly Akpos (part time cleaner) entered the ICU, unplugged the life support system of that bed and then plugged his blackberry charger.



No Fuel

Uche: Mummy, can I go to Chidera’s house?

Mummy: No

Uche: Why?

Mummy: No Fuel

Uche: Ahn ahn! I am using my legs.

Mummy: If you get missing, is it not a car we are going to use to find you?