Three Thieves.

Three criminals are in the court for getting their punishment. The judge says: I will give it corresponding to the number of things you have stolen. The first man received just a year for a can of sardine. The second one got 30 years for taking a tray of eggs. Akpos appeared to be the least lucky, as he took a bag of rice…

Missing Phone.

Akpos is looking for his phone in the darkness. He uses the light of his lost device. Where is it? – he asks. Then a call comes. Akpos answers: I will call you back later, I’ve lost my mobile! After thinking a bit, he tries to dial his number on the phone in his hands. And… he hears a busy signal. Oh, forget it! – says Akpos, – the phone has been stolen and someone has just cut my call!

Akpos and his Grammer

Akpos came from school looking confused. His mother asks him: Mother. Why is it that you seem puzzled? Was there anything wrong with your paper today? Akpos: Yes, mum. The teacher asked what the past form of the word “think” was. I could not remember it, so I spent much time on it. I thought and thought, and decided that the right answer was “thinked.”

Akpos and the lawyer.

Akpos asks a lawyer for advice: Akpos: Mister Black, please help me. My neighbour won’t give my money back, and I really need them. Lawyer: No problem. Just provide the evidence he actually took that money. Akpos: But I have no evidence. Lawyer: That’s no problem. How much does he owe you? Akpos: $600. Lawyer: Then just text him and ask him to pay you your $2000 back. Akpos: Bu he only owes me $600. Lawyer: That’s what he will answer, and you will get evidence.

Akpos went to a Cinema

Akpos is in the cinema with his friends. All of them are already watching a movie while he can’t get a ticket. When he comes up to the cash register for the sixth time, a manager asks him. Manager: Sir, I am sorry to interrupt, but it’s already the sixth ticket you buy tonight. Why do you need so many? Akpos: Well, I don’t see this many, but the stupid man by the entrance keeps tearing it up!


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