Cracked heels are not only embarrassing to display but can cause significant discomfort too. For many women, this common issue isn’t just inconvenient; it’s also painful.


Fortunately, cracked heels can be resolved more easily than you may think. It’s also possible to heal cracked heels using only natural, non-toxic ingredients, many of which you may already have on hand to help give you that lovely smooth and crack free heel.


Here are magical ways to get rid of crack heels

1.       Soak and Exfoliate: Cracked heels may be common, but this favorite solution is pure luxury.  One of the best ways to do this is with a foot soak. Simply fill a bowl with lukewarm water, then add in a bit of cleansing White vinegar. To increase the spa treatment, you can also add a few drops of your favorite essential oils, such as healing sandalwood or relaxing Lavender After about 10 to 15 minutes, remove your feet and gently exfoliate, then pat dry with a clean towel.


2.      Apply heel balm: One of the easiest and most effective solutions to how to heal cracked heels is using all-natural heel balm. Simply massage the balm into cracked skin that’s clean and dry, ideally immediately after a foot soak. Be sure to wear socks after applying. A similar option is to wear moisturizing heel sleeves, which nourish skin while trapping moisture to prevent further damage to the skin.

3.    Moisturize naturally: One of the most perfect natural moisturizers, coconut oil is a natural healing solution that’s also antimicrobial.

Also, raw cacao butter has incredible moisturizing properties and it has plenty of benefits when it comes to maintaining skin health.

Olive oil is another favorite natural moisturizer and can also serve as a soothing addition to foot soaks.

Perhaps one of the most surprising ways to heal cracked heels is honey, which has long been praised for its medicinal properties.

Of course, if the cracks are especially deep or seem to be the symptom of a more serious issue, don’t be shy to consult a podiatrist, and you would be on the right path to restore your foot in no time.

By: Firdausi Musa Dantsoho


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