Soy milk is rich in calcium. Calcium content promotes better bone health by keeping them stronger, maintaining their structure intact, hence reducing the risk of fractures. Soy milk improves good cholesterol levels and prevents heart diseases.


*  1  cup soya beans (650g or 1.4 lbs)

*  4 litres (1 gallon) cold water

* 15 dates (dabino) a natural sweetener for the soya milk

*  1 vanilla pod or 1 cap vanilla flavour to give soya milk a unique flavour.

Directions for making Soya Milk

1.      Rinse and soak the soya beans overnight or for at least 10 hours. Use a generous amount of water. Do not soak it for longer than this time because it will start having a fermented smell and taste.

2.      After almost 10 hours, rinse and remove the seeds from the dates. Then cut into pieces.

3.      Cut the vanilla along the pod and set aside. Cutting the pod exposes the vanilla beans where all the flavour is.

4.      After 10 hours, you will notice that the soya beans are swollen, softer and the skin comes off easily.

5.      Rub the soaked soya beans between your palms to separate the skin from the beans.

6.      Pour more water and watch the skin come to the surface.

7.      Remove the skin.

8.      When there is no more skin, blend the soya beans and dates in a blender till smooth. To do this, put some beans in the blender, add some dates and pour water to cover the beans, then blend.

9.      Strain the blend using a sieve.

10.  Pour the resulting soya milk into a big pot and start cooking on medium heat. Stir it often so it does not stick to the bottom of the pot.

11.  When it is about to boil, scoop out the foam so it does not over-flow.


12.  Add the vanilla pods. Keep stirring and keep cooking for another 5 minutes, stirring all the time.

13.  Turn off the heat and leave to cool down completely.

14.  Then strain again using a chiffon cloth, cheese cloth or lady’s stocking to remove the finest particles.

15.  Pour into a bottle, cover and keep in your fridge. Drink within 2 or 3 days.

16.  Enjoy.



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