Natural Hair


Natural Hair is a afro-textured hair or kinky hair, this is the hair texture of populations of Africans. Every strand of the hair has its type and how it grows in its tiny form, this is contrasted with a straight, curly or wavy hair.

The African natural hair is structurally stronger than the hair that is relaxed; it has higher elasticity to fight the regular shedding or breakage of the relaxed hair.

Natural Hair is more fuller or rather its volume makes it more bouncee than that of the relaxed hair. Natural hair is versatile including the straight and curly styles, you can do a wash and go, twist out, silk press to have that relaxed hair look and still go back your afro-textured hair after washing.

Natural Hair have three main natural textures: curly, wavy, and coil hair. The wavy is known as type 2, curly type 3 while the coils hair is the type 4. Natural Hair cannot be talked about without knowing the hair porosity; this mean in a simplest term. Porosity hair’s ability to soak up and hold in moisture and products. There are three levels of porosity: low, high and medium porosity, each strand of the hair has an outer shell of cubicles that looks like shingles on the side of a hair to channel moisture then seal it in.

● How to do hair porosity test.

If young Inc yourself asking this question , what’s my hair porosity? You can test how well your hair absorbs moisture by analysing it in water. Pick two strands of your hair and drop them in a glass of water and watch how it float, (low porosity). Sink to the bottom (high porosity) or be in the middle (medium porosity) of the glass of water that way, you can identify your hair porosity.

●How to care for low porosity hair.

To care for this type of porosity hair, you have to know the right hair product use. Because this type of hair absorb products, they just sit on top of the strands.

Coconut oil, castor oil and other products that are for low porosity hair can used be used to seal in moisture.

●How to care for high porosity hair

Only use low heat or air dry hair when washed. This type of hair absorbs moisture very quickly and dry very easily. Always moisturise, moisturise and moisturise… use creamy dense products for it.

Oils like jojoba, g rapeseed and almond oils regularly.

●How to care for medium porosity hair

Be sure to regularly moisturise and condition the hair to maintain the health of your hair.

Argan, avocado and babassu oils will be good for medium porosity hair.

By Safrat Gani