What qualities make a good man?


Have you ever wondered at the qualities you should look out for in a man? When it comes to relationships, some issues are certainly important in our choice of partners. Like it or not, these important issues cannot be ruled out, neither should they be vague in our minds regarding our partners. In fact, we must be so clear about them that there should not be a shred of doubt in our minds. It’s so unfortunate that even as adults many of us struggle to know what is important in a significant other. It’s amazing as women because the patterns of what will work, and what will end terribly is often clear but we ignore it, or turn a blind eye. We let strong feelings get in the way while some go about dating in a calculated manner setting standards that no man can achieve.

Women should look out for a man who is:

  1. Submission: A man should have total submission in the sense that he should admit that he is not always right, and also willing to change areas where he needs to.
  2. Honesty: Honesty means saying the truth at all times and all cost. A matured man should be able to speak with whole, complete and concentrated truth. Without honesty, you as the woman cannot trust what he says including when he says he will commit to you in marriage
    which is a very important issue.
  3. Kindness: Look out for a man who is kindhearted to you and others around him. Never expect a man to be consistently kind to you when he is not kind to others.
  4. Selfless: Now ask your self does he think of my needs? Am not saying get a man who is rich, who spends and lavishes money on you, what I am saying here is that he should be able to provide the basic things for you. Mind you, not just you but also the needs of others. He should be able to sacrifice his little with you that is what a man should do.
  5. Fear of God: This should be the first thing you look out for in a man. This is very important, because when a man has fear of God he has everything. He won’t treat you anyhow; neither will he want to hurt you in anyway.
  6. Focus: This is very important, get a man with focus, find out what his focus is in life, his vision, what drives him, what he want to become, his ideas about marriage, family and life.
  7. Utterances:  Words are like milk which cannot be got back when spilled. Look out for a man who is careful with his words, who filters his words before bringing them out. If a man talks anyhow he will definitely embarrass you in front of your family, his family, your friends and strangers too.
  8. Maturity: Being matured means a man who is able to take care of himself and handle issues in a calm and collective manner. A man who understands what being a man is, a man who is able to carry himself in a respectable way both in private and public.


By Maimuna Bagudu