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Having your wedding during rainy season can be quite frustrating and challenging.  It is in no body’s plan to get married on a rainy day! But we can’t help it right?  It’s the season and if for any reasons you can’t wait to say I do to each other then you have to prepare for it rather than wish it never comes! Couple with the fact that there are no reliable weather forecasts and even the few available forecasters are not followed by most Nigerians. I don’t know who else is tired with the loads of rain pour because I am (lol…..) and I can’t help it.  But I’d rather it rains than the scorching sun and heat.  I bet for the soon to be weds out there will prefer that right?

In this season of rain, events halls are now getting fully booked as tents are usually not very popular but you know what? There are ways you could actually get your guest entertained without the worry of rain on your wedding day. Keep the worry aside even if it’s raining.

Here are some tippy tips to keep guests happy on your raining wedding day.
1. Provide jelly boots: I know this sounds crazy to most of you and I also know it’s not common here in Nigeria but am sure people would love to wear cute little jelly boots if it rains. No one likes to get their feet wet in the mud. Even the bride and Groom could keep one for themselves just in case. There are cute jelly boots with fine and flashy colours to make your rainy wedding day colorful.

  1. Provide Umbrellas as wedding souvenirs: umbrellas are perfect gifts to give your wedding guests as souvenirs.  They come in quite handy during the rainy season and after.  You can also use umbrellas to decorate your reception venue you know? Make it the reception theme kind of.3. Serve your guest with HOT beverages: a cup of warm tea or coffee will be a great idea for your rainy wedding day. Trust me your guest will get all excited having hot beverages before the main meal. Hot beverages could get everyone talking and relaxed.4. Let the DJ serve some HOT music: music they say speaks to the soul and mind. Make sure your DJ got some good collections of music that your guest will not be able to resist. At the end they all go home sweaty and feeling hot, forgetting it’s a rainy day.



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