Reasons you should spend money on experiences, NOT things


It is true, that when we’re young time may seem endless especially during holidays. Then life comes and kicks our butt a bit; and we learn that time is not our friend.  It also teaches us that accumulating more worldly possessions doesn’t fulfil anything either.

Samuel L. Jackson once said “The use of traveling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things could be, you get to see them as they are.” I agree completely because I have developed a strong understanding of why travelling is so vital to self-development. If you’re someone who cherishes new experiences and you have an open mind to trying out new things you never thought of pursuing; such as rock climbing, roller coaster rides, or taking a ride to a small town to have lunch outdoors or any other thing that brings excitement with lasting memories, then you are doing the right thing.   It matters not even if the trip was bad, it is still an adventure to remember.

On the other hand, if you are a shopaholic, that is someone who prefers to buy material things; you should know that joy they bring is transient; and addictive.  New purchases lead to new expectations because as soon as we get used to a new possession, we look for an even better one. For example, we get excited when we buy a new wig, a new material, new pair of shoes, even a new car but after a while we lose the enthusiasm and all the fun also disappears. Why does that happen? The newness wears off. As this fade we look for something else to keep our happiness fully charged, which never works. The new shoes you buy may feel good at the moment, but it never really lasts. We want happiness to be ‘on continuum’ and if possible a forever thing but the truth is material stuff remains separate from you although some may think their identity is connected to their possessions.  Meanwhile it’s actually your experiences that are really part of you. We need to put our resources towards other things that enable us to experience life. This leads us to reason number one which is:

Leaving your comfort zone

It may seem like such a big and difficult decision. But saying goodbye to your comfort zone is required for you to live.  If you don’t take a risk, you will never really discover your true self. If it’s only ever about doing what is safe and easy how will you ever know the things that make your heart beat faster and the things that tick you off? Travelling will put you in uncomfortable situations and encourage you to talk with different people from completely different cultures and lifestyles. For example, communicating with someone who doesn’t understand your native language, it may be frustrating but also interesting.

Gain Experiences

If you love horses, painting, writing, or sailing or swimming, start taking lessons now and experience will keep gifting you. It opens you up to a new world and opportunities like friends, cultures, and learning more about yourself. Wherever you choose to go doesn’t need to be fancy. Engage in a hobby you love like taking a hiking trip, or maybe visiting a museum. Experiences open you up to different perspectives which can even help you grow as a person and every experience you gain will leave a lasting impact for years to come.

You don’t know tomorrow

Nobody knows how long forever is; humans are not guaranteed to live forever. Travelling is usually postponed with the intentions of building up a life, or until you get your dream job; but who knows how long that will be? Some even say they are waiting for retirement before they begin to see the world. Without injecting too much personal opinion I would say that’s just the views of the society. It is your choice to live as you wish. The world is safer without regrets. If you choose to buy experiences over external objects it will transform you in so many ways.

Comparisons don’t matter

We don’t compare experiences in the same way that we compare things. The things we buy are always compared to one another. There is always a competition to get either the best, most expensive, or the most popular. But with trips and vacations there is little or no room for comparison, which makes them more enjoyable.

To fulfill the purpose of life

Sharing your stories with others and telling them how enjoyable every moment was from planning all the way through the memories you made is something everyone should have the experience of. We are the sum total of our experiences. As Eleanor Roosevelt so put it:

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience it, to experience it to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences.”

Have a life. Live life. Experience life


By: Aishat.B


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