Relationship Tricks That Make You Fall In Love Again


All relationships, whether intimate or just causal or even business, take work to make it work; ask the likes of Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva, or Nobert Young and his wife of many years, Gloria Young. They will tell you it has not been easy, but they always make it work instead of quitting.

It is not the duty of the man or woman to just show the love alone, both parties need to keep watering the plant of love on a daily basis; otherwise, that plant will wither and die. It’s difficult for that fire to keep burning as the years go by, but it’s possible for you to fall in love with your spouse all over again with some few relationship tricks. Here are some of the tricks:

Turn off your phone or keep it on silent

Imagine the setting: Maybe your husband or wife don’t always have that time to spend with you and the kids because he/she is working in an oil company, or is the manager in a reputable bank in Nigeria. So you somehow manage to plan and cooked a delicious dinner at home. He or she comes home and the whole house is oozing a nice aroma and the whole scene is beautifully decorated. You set the table and everything is going smoothly, then your spouse gets a phone call and it takes forever for him or her to drop it. When they do hang up the phone, it seemingly becomes super glued to their hand and they never look up from the thing. Before you know it, you suddenly lose your appetite. I think it is high time that Cinema rules should apply in a relationship, whether courting or married, ladies and gentlemen. Not only is it rude not to pay attention to the person you are with, it is a serious mood killer.

Going to bed at the same time

This is intimacy in true form. Going to bed at the same time is akin to reviving the fire in your relationship, and this rule should apply to those who are married. Enough of the games and feeling like you and your partner are strangers. What are you doing that is so important that you are unable to go to bed at the same time? Maybe it is unavoidable, like the graveyard shift at work. Maybe your favourite programme is on the TV late. Maybe a lady is keeping you up and you do not want your other half to find out about it. If it is avoidable, at least try to make the effort of doing this. Your partner will be grateful you did.

A small gesture telling them you are thinking of them

It is hardly rocket science, but knowing that you are in the thoughts of your special someone makes you feel special. This relationship trick will make you fall in love all over again. You can just decide to send your spouse a text message when both of you are at work, saying you miss him or her and thinking about him or her. This will brighten your spouse’s day and will make him or her feel special.

Withhold that criticism

Criticising can take the edge off that loving feeling. Before you start criticising your partner, just think for a moment before uttering the words that cannot be taken back. Even if it is minor criticism, instead suggest another way of doing whatever it is your partner is doing. This can really help the relationship by your partner doing better in your eyes, and you are now satisfied with the way they do it.

A little gratitude goes a long way

“Thank you” are two key words that can boost your romantic situation. In a relationship, it is the same principle. If your beau/belle is doing something for you and you do not thank him/her for it, how do you think he/she would feel? Saying thank you wouldn’t bring you down or take away a dime from your bank account. You can decide to say it every day and trust me, your partner will feel on top of the world because he/she has a spouse that makes him/her feel appreciated.

BY: Pupwaya Timothy Dibal


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