In the modern-day dating world, it is one big conundrum to find a prince amidst countless frogs. Guys aren’t as wicked sharp as you may believe and actually let you know what’s up if you wake up and open your eyes. Yet, for some reason, it is easier to ignore the truth and fantasize. Darlings! when a guy shows you who they are, do yourselves a favor and listen to him.

Every moment we have is sacred so please love yourselves enough to wait for the right guy who deserves your magnificence. Here are signs that the guy you are courting is the real deal:

He’ll treat you like the goddess that you are.

That means he will not take you for granted or play games with your heart. In essence, when a man cares about you and is a keeper, your pain will be his pain and he won’t bear to disrespect you or tarnish your spirit in any way. If you see any signs that he gets a kick out of hurting you or disrupting your peace, that is a huge red flag to give him the middle finger and go on your merry way to someone who deserves you


 You will not be hidden from his friends, family, or anyone else for that matter.

I understand if the two of you would like to maintain some form of privacy, but the guy who really takes you seriously will want to show you off. Transparency is key. If you sense that is he is trying to maintain his singledom and is only taken when in your presence, that is a sign right there that he is unsure, shaky, or cowardly. Get out before he breaks your heart.