I was in a discussion with my girlfriends, we got talking and it got into a heated argument and there was raising of voices, pointing of hands and a whole lot of brouhaha…………
Suddenly I decided to go all silent for a reason I could not figure out. But then something strucked me and I said within myself arguments usually arise from not keeping quiet and invariably lead the parties to offend each other. And then the big question set’s in ‘’is silence really golden?’’

For me it’s a yes. Silence is indeed really golden, it makes you closer to yourself, you get to analyze and read people around you, you get to realize yourself in a way, you get to redefine your purpose in life and more importantly you get to enjoy things more closely.

On the other hand if you keep chatting whole day you may come closer to people but you will find yourself more indulged and trapped in some delicate issues it will lead you to regrets wishing you stayed silent during the conversation.

Silence is the best answer if you are misunderstood, hurt, ignored, avoided or ditched by anyone. When you go all silent, it doesn’t mean you are wrong or you are a fool at that particular point.

But it simple means you are strong, and you have the power to control yourself and actions. Sometimes it means you have the ability to understand and adjust with anyone at any situation. Most importantly it makes you maintain yourself respect and dignity.

Silence is golden in a way that it makes you choose and pick your word nicely, instead of speaking unpleasant things about others, it is always better not to judge and to remain quiet.
Silence is golden but at times it also has its drawbacks.

Even though being silent does not mean that you are dumb; it sometimes conveys a lot of message in an easy manner. Our duty-sense also demands us to speak out in certain situations. At certain point in time, saying nothing is the best answer. But there are also situations where our one opinion can bring about a change in the social, political, cultural or economical sphere.

To get noticed amidst noisy and lousy company, keep silent. It works a great deal for me (lol….) so at least few minutes of silence is must for everyone it works as medicine for the soul….