Soya milk is one of the most common and nutritious dairy alternatives. In

addition to its general benefits, soya milk contains a number of compounds

that are particularly important to men’s health. Its high content of protein, vitamins and minerals and minimal amount of saturated fats may help soya milk prevent, and treat some of the leading health conditions for men. Despite these benefits, soya is one of the most common food allergens. As long as you are not allergic to soy, drinking as little as 1 cup of soya milk per

day is a great way to gain some of its health benefits.

Mental Health

Soya milk may help to reduce your risk, as it contains a number of micronutrients with potential mental health benefits. Its magnesium content also helps to raise serotonin levels and may be as effective as some antidepressant medications among people with both depression and diabetes. The high vitamin D content in soya milk may also help to prevent and treat seasonal affective disorder, a depressive condition that affects people living at high latitudes during the winter months.

Cancer Prevention –

As calcium helps to prevent colorectal and intestinal cancers, this adds to soya milk’s cancer-prevention properties. Additional benefits arise from soya milk’s antioxidants, which help to eliminate cancer-causing free radicals from your body.

Cardiovascular Health –

Heart disease is one of the leading health issues for men. It is advised that men

should eat a diet low in saturated fats and sodium and high in lean protein to prevent cardiovascular problems. A 1-cup serving of soya milk contains 3.6 grams of fat, 6.3 grams of protein, 104 calories and only 0.5 grams of

saturated fat. In addition to being low in calories and total fat and high in protein, soya milk’s high unsaturated-to-saturated fat ratio promotes healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Although soy milk also contains 0.5 grams of heart-healthy fiber, a 1 cup serving provides a relatively high 7.6 percent of your adequate daily intake of sodium.