Stylish Ways to Rock the Bell Sleeves


Now as a fashion enthusiast it’s only right that you pay attention to the changing trends. One of the new trends in the fashion world is the bell sleeves style. The bell sleeve is a 70s fashion trend and it is one of the most feminine looks a woman can pull off because any flare cut gives women a very soft look. This cut can be translated perfectly into a gorgeous style once you have the right fabric. With the re-surface of bell sleeves, it is gradually taking over the spot of the viral off-the-shoulder trend. And what’s even more interesting is how the designers and fashionistas are pushing the boundaries with their designs.

The bell sleeves are really stylish and can be sewn using any material of your choice. Bell sleeves tops and dresses make a great style statement, for women who are looking for distinctiveness. Whatever you call them, bell sleeves, flare sleeves or butterfly sleeves; it doesn’t really matter. What matters is they look great and will make you look 10 times more dashing. Everyone is rocking the bell sleeve trend, especially the dresses. It’s dramatic and attracts attention.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the trendsetters, wear bell sleeves in any material of your choice. Don’t forget to style and stack your hands with simple accessories and also with a flawless makeup that

will turn heads. Take your fashion to the next level. ROCK THE BELL SLEEVES LADIES!!!


By: Pupwaya Timothy Dibal


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