Pears fruit is a very fresh fruit and is usually found in the dry season. Although some types of Pears can be found in the rainy season. The fruit with a sweet and very soft taste is the desire of the average of all pregnant women. One is the tradition of eating young pears when entering into the first trimester, especially one occurs morning sickness. Pears contains a variety of nutrients that are very important for pregnant women.

If you see then the fruit of pears has a very complete source of nutrition. Pears contains vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, calories and various types of minerals. All these types of nutrients have beneficial effects and are very good for pregnant women and fetuses. So, let us know the benefits of pears for pregnant women and the fetus. Here are the health benefits of pears during pregnancy based on the source of vitamins and nutrients found in it.

Vitamin A in Pear

Pears  become one of the fruits with contains a lot of vitamin A. Vitamin A is one of the types of vitamins needed during pregnancy and become the nutritional intake of pregnant women is mandatory from the beginning trimester to the end. Vitamin A deficiency will be very dangerous for the health of pregnant women and the fetus to be born. Here are the benefits of vitamin A found in pears.

Stronger in Immunity System
Vitamin A found in pears will make the body of pregnant women become stronger. Vitamin A will work with other nutrients to form the immune system needed more in pregnant women.

Prevent Disease Attack
Pears  fruit has a rich yellow color with carotene content. Carotene plays a role in pregnancy especially to prevent disease attacks caused because the body of pregnant women is more susceptible to bacterial and bacterial infections.

Maintain Eye Health
Vitamin A in pears will also help the body in maintaining eye health for pregnant women and fetal development.

Help in Development and Growth of Fetus
Pears will also help the process of development and growth of the fetus because it contains vitamin A is high enough.

Improving Growth and Health of Internal Organs
Vitamin A from pears  also plays a role in improving growth and health of internal organs in the fetus such as respiratory organs, neurological and motor neurological development and maintain the development of heart health.

Maintain Development of Organs
The benefits of pears for pregnant women provide vitamin A which is important to maintain the development of organs in the fetus such as eyes, kidneys, lungs and bones.

Improve Development of Cognitive
Pears becomes a source of vitamin B6 that plays a role to improve the development of cognitive function in infants. In addition, vitamin B6 is also important to keep the fetal nerve grow well and normal.

Protect Pregnant Women
pregnant women need vitamin B6 intake to keep the body healthy, maintain the immune system, and assist in the formation of blood cells.

Lighter Nausea
Pregnant women who consume pears early in the first trimester will have a lighter risk of symptoms of nausea, vomiting and weakness that usually occurs in the first trimester.

Maintain and Development of Nervous System
Vitamin B6 in pear fruit is also important to help the production of red blood cells, maintain the development of the baby’s nervous system and the development of the nervous system.

Prevent from Mental Disability and Blood System Disorder
Adequate intake of vitamin B6 will prevent the baby or fetus from mental disability and blood system disorders. One of them can be satisfied with the benefits of pears for pregnant women

Vitamin C has a very important role for pregnancy and the fetus that is in the womb. Vitamin C becomes one of the antioxidant agents that make up the immune system and prevent pregnant women from bacterial and germ infections. Here are some benefits of pears rich in vitamin C.

Fight against Free Radical
Vitamin C contained in the pears fruit becomes one of the important agents to resist and attack all substances or free radicals that endanger the health of pregnant women and the fetus.

Improve Nervous System and Cognitive Ability
Pears will encourage the development and function of the central nervous system and cognitive abilities of infants.

Improve Health of Gums
The health of the fetus who gets intake from pears becomes higher and forms the health of the gums since in the womb.

As Sources of Energy
Calories needed by pregnant women as a source of energy. Throughout pregnancy, pregnant women should continue to perform various activities including work and other activities. Lack of calories intake will cause the body of pregnant women become weaker and easier to get sick. In addition, the caloric needs for pregnant women will be higher when entering the third trimester.

Keep Pregnant Women Healthy
Protein contained in the pears  fruit has a very important role to keep pregnant women always healthy. Protein contained in the benefits of pears for pregnant women, has a role to become a source of energy and reduce excessive fatigue. This is what makes pears a very refreshing fruit and make the digestive system better.

Makes Relaxes
Pregnant women have different needs and changes that are very different from women who are not pregnant. Pregnant women require a higher intake of magnesium to relieve stress during pregnancy. Magnesium found in pears  fruit is also important to keep the muscles of the body to be relaxed so that pregnant women are not easily tired. Magnesium deficiency can cause pregnant women stress easily because of fatigue and pressure from hormonal changes.