Telling Signs of a Relationship that Might not Work


It is like falling in love does not require special effort. However, what might require lots of effort is standing in love. So to make sure you are able to stand in love there are signs you should look out for before you make the big commitment. Below are signs to show that you might not be able to stand in love with that person you have fallen in love with:

It’s difficult to keep the conversation going: If you and your partner can’t go on talking for hours; if you get bored easily, then there are chances that you might struggle in the future. Having things in common to talk about is critical to a love relationship in order to establish a strong connection. Awkward silence, even after spending extensive time together, is a big no-no.

You think more about others: There are times in a relationship when you might not help thinking about others, but if you habitually find yourself thinking about how life would be with another partner, it means you have got less than a perfect relationship, because if you are perfectly bonded with your partner, you would have little or no thoughts for others.

You get uncomfortable when it comes to settling down:  You have been spending years together, but when it comes to settling down, you become uneasy and anxious. If this is the case, then the love is not strong enough to last a life time.  Call it quits because a broken engagement is better than a broken marriage.

You actually aren’t what you are in front of her: When you tend to be uncomfortable around her in front of people and you tend to maybe stammer while trying to talk, it means something is wrong somewhere. If your friends complain that you aren’t yourself in her presence, take their advice. Living in a relationship where you have to act to be someone else could be very challenging and this type of relationship does not last long let alone lead to marriage.

You are always the one initiating the conversation:  It doesn’t matter who messages first, but if you are always the one who starts talking and makes plans for a date, then the future of such a relationship isn’t bright. If your partner loves you equally, then she will want to talk to you, meet you, and spend time with you as much as you want to. However, if there is no such sign from her, you should break up with her.

She gets angry over flimsy issues: Ladies sometimes overreact to some minor issues and create a big drama out of it. An issue that can be settled, or doesn’t need any argument suddenly becomes a very big to the extent you will think world war 3 is about to happen. When you notice this constant behaviour, bet you won’t want to spend the rest of your life with such person.

She fights every lady that smiles at you: It is cute when your partner shows a little jealousy over you. But when it gets too much and she becomes violent, then she is not the one for you. She feels that when you smile at other ladies, means you will cheat on her. If she doesn’t trust you, then it’s better you let her go.


By Pupwaya Timothy Dibal


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