Accessories can extend your wardrobe and help you achieve multiple looks from one simple staple item.
When it comes to accessories, choosing the wrong ones to accentuate your outfit can lead to an intervention from the fashion police. Our rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings all play an important part in defining our style and completing a trendy look.

However, with such an array of accessories to choose from, it can often feel overwhelming deciding how to choose the best accessories to highlight your features and outfit. To make sure your final touches will make and not break your look, here are our four tips to avoid any fashion accessory missteps.

SKIN TONE: It is just as important to choose jewelry that not only matches your outfit but will complement your skin tone. A cool skin tone looks best with red, purple and blue gemstones like garnet, amethyst and topaz and matches perfectly with white metals like silver or white gold. A warmer skin tone is highlighted best by shades of yellow, orange and green. If this is you, choose stones such as citrine, moonstone and emerald set in yellow metals like gold or copper.

CONTEXT AND OCCASION: While we do live in a time where style rules are far less conventional than they were in the past, you still need to pay close attention to context and occasion when choosing accessories for work, big rings and a myriad of bracelets might make it hard to type. Similarly, you need to keep in mind how an accessory will draw attention to certain body parts and if that will be appropriate for the occasion.

SCALE: You need to consider size when pairing your fashion accessories with your outfit. If you are wearing loud prints, it is best to keep your accessories understated and minimal. The same goes for ruffles, sequined or other embellished garments. You want your pieces to accentuate the outfit not compete for attention. Another thing to keep in mind is the scale and shape of your handbag as well as your body type. If you are tall and thin, choose slouchy bags like hobos. Short women should stay clear of handbags with long straps, and hourglass women look beautiful with medium sized structured bags that balance out their curves. Accessories can extend your wardrobe and help you achieve multiple looks from one simple staple item.

COLOR: The next thing to consider is the color of your outfit.  While it is always good to experiment to find the colors that work best for you, don’t use more than three colors in your whole ensemble. If you want to play it safe, opt for colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. These colors work very well together and match each
other on the same level of light and darkness.