Tips that will make you a better travel photographer


Thanks to social media, people are taking more holiday photographs and posting them online. But you can make your Instagram feed more compelling by following this photography tips

  • Think first, before you shoot

Posing for a selfie has become almost a reflex action, but the first thing you need to do is to think before you shoot. Ask yourself: What am I shooting? Do I need to be in it? Could I shoot from a different angle? Where’s the sun? These simple questions will not only ensure your photos are better but different as well, banishing the specter of the same sort of photo, shot from exactly the same angle, over and over again.

  • Make sure your background is not cluttered

Part of your checklist should be checking the background. In your hurry to take a photo you might not spot the clutter or distraction. So making sure your background is not cluttered is one important thing you should do for before taking a photo.

  • Mix it up

Getting the balance right between photographing people, things and places is the key to creating images that will capture people’s attention. People will soon tire of seeing photos of you posing in front of famous monuments and snaps of what you had for breakfast, lunch and dinner will soon lose their appeal. Every traveller knows that it is all kinds of things that make a trip memorable – the sights, the locals, the food, even the people you’re travelling with. So look out for things that reflect your journey.

  • Find a point of interest

Interesting photographs have interesting things in them. Make sure people notice what you want them to. The composition is key and you need a focal point. It will soon come naturally so trust the process.

Encourage yourself

Keep going with your new hobby and you would be surprised at the heights you attain.

By Maimuna Bagudu



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