Ways to Make Your Life Less Stressful


It is highly advised that we always rest because and not stress our body as it’s not a log of wood. When we stressed ourselves, we tend to have a nervous breakdown which could result in a hospitalization. Life doesn’t have to be so stressful; in fact, if we as individuals are not determined to simplify our lives to the best of our ability, our lives will end up being a truck load of stress and burdens too difficult to deal with. The stress and burdens can take a toll in our lives thereby making us become so aggressive and sad.

In order for us to live a stress free life, there are a lot of tips we ought to inculcate into our daily lives.

Simplify Your Schedule
A hectic schedule is a recipe for disaster. You need to remember that you can’t do everything at once, so work to simplify and reduce the unrealistic number of commitments you have to attend to by saying no to some and prioritizing, based on order of importance; the ones you
need to do first. Also, learn to leave sometime between your commitments (no matter how small) for you to rest and relax. If you are working in an office and you feel that your work load is getting much, say it out so that you will be able to work well and live healthy also.

Develop Healthy Habits
Scientifically, it takes 30 days to break or develop a habit; so it’s possible. This is even easier to do when on vacation because there are less distractions, and you have to take time to really reflect and focus on your life. Take the needed time and work on breaking current habits that are bad for your physical and mental health and well being. Quit smoking, reduce your drinking, try not to worry so much, exercise more and eat healthy food. Just take it one habit at a time,
make it a goal or mission and witness your life be better off because of it.

Simplify Your Finances
This is another major source of stress and burden, but it is possible to manage your finances in such a way that it gives you less stress or maybe even no stress at all. For one, don’t live above your means (don’t do it for any reason and don’t even try to please anyone by showing off) and don’t splurge on things that you can’t comfortably afford (and the key word here is ‘comfortably’). A wise man once said that you can only afford something when you have enough money to buy that thing twice. Additionally, try automating your savings, bill payments or debt payments by, for example, leaving a standing order with your bank; spend less on groceries by shopping in bulk as often as you can; and most importantly, find less expensive ways to have fun and vacation. It is also important that you have at least one or two bank accounts.

Do What You Love
Your present job might not currently be what you are passionate about, therefore you should try to find ways outside your job to do what you are passionate about. Vacation is a great time to spend on doing things related to hobbies or crafts that you love to do. You can also use weekends and other free time to engage in activities you are passionate about. Doing what you love is a great way to relieve stress and live a fulfilled life.

Be with people you love
Spending quality time with people you love will relieve you of the stress and burden you have been feeling. Your loved ones will make you happy and make you forget the one thousand and one issues that you have been pondering about. You can hang out in a nice garden in the evening or even go to the cinema to go and watch a movie.


By Pupwaya Timothy Dibal


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