Goodbye skinny trousers! Hello wide leg. Skinny trousers have held court for years now, and while a slim leg will never go out of style, the case for a trouser with a little more drama is trendy. The wide leg trouser may seem like an intimidating trend especially if you are used to wearing skinny ones. But here are few key secrets to pulling it off with confidence.

1. Cocktail Party: You can wear it to a cocktail party if you accessorize it the right way. It’s all about swapping out your subtle day time jewellery for statement pieces- the more the merrier.

2. Office: When you think of office basics, wide leg trousers, button down shirts and complimenting it with charming accessories can do a lot of magic to your overall look.

3. Shoes: Wearing it with the right shoe like pointed high hells is a must for pulling off a voluminous trouser.

4. Try to balance the total look and wear something slim fitting along with the trouser.

5. As a lady never be afraid to play with colours. Rather than going for a black wide leg trouser, you can opt for an orange or even purple one with a nice fitted top to stand out in the crowd.

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