Shot of a cute stylish couple blowing bubbles with gum against a colorful background

Love is beautiful thing. So they say. People are bound to do some weirdly stupid things when they are smitten.

Let’s admit it, we’ve all been there at one point at our lives. Somehow, when we fall in love, sense tends to leave our heads and we end up doing things we wouldn’t have imagined doing.

Here are some stupidly ridiculous things people do when they falling in love

Smiling stupidly at your phone

Yeah, this could be due to receiving a message from your lover or it could be as a result of going through your previous chats hence reminiscing on some memorable times you had. Sometimes it has nothing to do with the chats, you just remember something cute your better half does and you end up smiling. You stare at your phone to cover-up.

You become a snoop and a stalker

You will silently stalk them on all social media platforms. You want to know exactly they are online and whom they are chatting with. You literally want to know every detail of what they are up to.

Develop interest in things you didn’t have interest in

You find yourself ‘investing’ in your partner’s hobbies just to make them happy or just to spend more time with them doing things that they enjoy. Never mind you never at any given time in your life considered doing some of these things.

You have to consider your partner before making a decision

Your better half is literally always on your mind. They are somewhere lurking in the shadow of your brain. Any decision you make no matter how insignificant you have to consider them. Such is falling in love.

You go exceedingly out of your way

Even if you have to make crucial sacrifices, it does not matter so long as you get to please your partner. You can go to some extremes that when the love dies you look back and curse yourself for some of the things you did all in the name of love.

When the above are not all the weird things people do when they fall in love, they are some of the most common. Even though love is the warmest thing that could happen to you, it is advisable to be cautious and go slow on the ‘stupid things’.