Will you leave your spouse because of mouth odour?


Intimacy between spouses, especially in the modern world, is not complete without the act of whispering some sweet loving words into each other’s ears accompanied by passionate pecks or kisses. But if all of a sudden, one of the partners is afflicted with halitosis (mouth odour) such intimacy maybe strain because people are very sensitive to smell. Some mouth odour can be so bad that the moment the person talks, the whole room will be filled with an awful stench. Will halitosis (mouth odour) make you leave your partner? Tozali went to town and to hear people’s view about it.
Gutohol Nanyit Geofrey who is a banker in Plateau State said that if he is just a man she is dating she will definitely leave him because mouth odour is a very serious health issue. “I won’t be able to kiss him because I know he will be needing it or even come close to him, lets I throw up because of the bad smell. But if he is my husband I will have to endure, but I will also try as much as possible to find a solution to the problem. Marriage is for better and for worse so I have to stick with him and help him get rid of it”.




A young and upcoming music artist in Adamawa State, Michael V Bolgent on the other hand said; quitting the relationship is a crazy thing to do just because his spouse is having mouth odor. “There are medications out there that can solve the problem and I will make sure that I find the drugs even if it means me spending all my money. Once you love someone with all your heart, you just have to prove it”.





Safeeya Kallamu on the other hand said yes she will leave her spouse. “I was in a relationship with someone that has mouth odour and just had to leave”. When asked why she left, Safeeya said she just couldn’t stand the smell that was coming out from his mouth. He might feel offended or even think I am insulting him so I just had to call off the relationship.

ladiLadi Timothy: Why will I leave my man simply because he is having mouth odour? I will try as much as possible to see that I can get rid of the smell by helping him to see a doctor and also getting mouth wash. If he gets angry and pick fight with me because I told him of the odour, then I will have no other option than to leave him. But if we are married I won’t leave him, rather we will work it out together and get rid of the odour.

Maimuna Bagudu – “Well, yes I will leave him because I can’t stand the smell that will be coming out from his mouth. Mouth odour is a chronic health problem and it will make me feel uncomfortable around him. It can also be very embarrassing in the sense that I can’t have him speak in front of my parents or even friends because I know they will feel embarrassed for me.


By Pupwaya Timothy Dibal


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