Today on WomancrushWednesday, we will be crushing on one of Nigerians great actress of all times; Ego Boyo. Ego Boyo was born September 6th, she is a Nigerian film actress and
producer for 30 days (2005) and Violated (2013).
Ego was born with a silver spoon into the family of respected late Justice Nnamani.
Ego began her acting career in the 90s movie titled Violated. Ego was one time the screen darling when she featured in the now rested TV series titled ‘’Checkmate” which graced the Nigerian TV screens in the early 90s.

The drama series was one which many families never wish to miss on their screens that they rush home to ensure that they don’t miss any part which aired every Thursday.
Ego set up her own production company later that same year, and continues as the managing director/CEO of the company.  She set up a full digital production company with a rental arm and working in production from end to end, a service it continues to provide a cross two continents.

In 1998, Ego delved back into production with another collaboration with Amaka Igwe, with the movie ‘’TO LIVE AGAIN’’ which was directed by Amaka Igwe and went on to gain several THEMA and REEL award nominations; and eventually to won best Film/Picture at the Reel Awards in 1999.

Ego is a graduated of Theatre Arts from the University of Benin, is passionate about education, charity, and women empowerment and also an active member of several organizations.

Ego recently set up Temple Mai Foundation under Temple Productions with the mandate to produce and present visual statements for advocacy groups and other foundations; to inform and educate identified groups and the general public through visual media.

Ego is a member of many clubs in Nigeria and the UK, and is a Global rights advocate in the campaign against Sexual Violence and also serves on the Advisory Board of Oando Foundation, an independent charity establishment in 2011 to support the Nigerian government in a achieving its universal basic education goal.

She is a member of the Nigeria Entertainment Business Group, The Association of Movie Producers, as well as The Nigerian association of Theatre Arts practitioners.
Ego is a director of Lagos Preparatory School, Ikoyi, which offers the highest quality British Preparatory education. Ego was also appointed the 60th President of the International Women’s Society, Nigeria in 2017.



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