Natural hair is hair that has not received damaging chemical straighteners such as relaxers o r texturizers. Natural hair comes in all shapes, sizes, textures, and colors. Natural hair can range from loose curls to kinky coils. Most people of  African descent have hair textures that result in a curl pattern. Black natural hair can often be viewed as “nappy hair” that needs to be tamed. But black Natural hair is a movement. Women are often discriminated against in the workplace for wearing their natural hair. This is why it is so important for women to embrace their natural hair and be confident when doing so. Natural  hair is beautiful and it is important for people to know that.


Straight hair, Wavy Curly hair, Curly Kinky hair, Kinky Curly hair.


Maybe natural hair was not always a trend because it was quite difficult to care about, but today more and more African women start rocking it and being proud. Nowadays, you can see women with natural hair everywhere, and they make plenty of different lovely hairstyles. Here are some;

TWIST AND SCARF UPDO;  This chic hairstyle is really elegant and goes with most of the clothing you choose, no matter if it is chic or casual. Besides, there are a lot of scarves that you can use  basically of any color or length. For making this hairstyle even more interesting, you can twist the front of the hair while putting the back of your hair in a pretty up do. Then, you can tie the scarf around your hair to complete your gorgeous look.

BANTU KNOTS;  The famous Bantu knots, which have been worn by multiple celebrities, are becoming more and more popular among regular people. They are quite tedious to do, but once you have some practice, you will become a Bantu knots professional! This is one of the best ways how to pack short natural hair. You can read our guide on how to make Bantu knots and Bantu knot-out below.

BRAID OUT STYLE;    If you do a braid out style, you can later opt for the cornrows or do another kind of box braided hairstyles. When you make braids and then take them out the next day, your hair will have a lot of volume and beauty. This is one of the most popular natural hairstyles for medium length hair.

SPIRALED BRAID;   This hairstyle will protect you from cold winter when you would rather have the ends tucked in. Aside from being versatile, it also looks extremely elegant and lovely. By the way, if you undo the spiral braid, you can have another cool hairstyle out of it. This one is definitely worth trying out!

MARLEY TWIST;  Doing  Marley twists is not so time-consuming, but they will stay for a long time and showcase all the charm and appeal of your natural hair. This is one of the natural hairstyles for long hair, which is incredibly popular among the African women. Many of the Marley twists fans go as far as adding some accessories to their twisted hair strands, gathering them into a lovely bun or ponytail, or braiding them between each other.

TOP BUN;  It is not easy to find a perfect way to tame your texture, but doing your hair in a bun is really convenient, while also being chic and nice. In case you have long hair, this is the best way to keep your hair away from the face, or do your hair on the particularly lazy day. You can always add the hair band or scarf to make your look even more appealing.




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