Most women wear makeups nowadays for different reasons. Nowadays, even the older women of 50 years and above apply makeup. However, there are several important things older women should take into consideration while applying makeup.

1. Use a cream makeup over a powder

For an older woman to look younger and have their faces look better, they should use the cream
makeups rather than the powder ones. This is because the cream makeup serves as a hydrating agent and also lights up the skin, especially when applied to the cheeks.

2. Avoid a thick foundation

To create a younger and a more natural look, avoid using thick foundations especially on the areas with wrinkles. This is because the makeup will settle on the wrinkles causing an unnatural look.

3. Go for more natural shades

For older women to have smooth and supple skin, natural makeups will be the ideal option. Makeup products that contain methanol and ethanol as ingredients shouldn’t be used. Look for  products that contain cetyl, cetearyl or bheny.

The above will make the skin of older women hydrated and also reduce the appearance of wrinkles providing a younger look to their faces.

By: Firdausi Musa Dantsoho