Wrongs assumptions women think of men


Where does this tendency to make negative assumptions about others come from? Evolutionists would say that people tend to have a negativity bias which helps them to anticipate danger or problems with others which has helped to ensure survival. Women may believe that they know everything about men, but the fact is they don’t. Some of the most basic attributes of men are either misunderstood or ignored by women.

These days, women always go overboard when they start talking to a man they just met. They tend to over-think everything and secretly nurse hopes of a relationship while the man doesn’t have the slightest illusion about such thoughts. Here are the most common illusions that women tend to have about men.

Men are not as jealous as women
Men are jealous but they conceal it, unlike the female counterparts that react quickly to certain actions men take.

Men are not sensitive
Men have a few soft spots and they too are sensitive. These soft spots differ from man to man, but you can be rest assured that men get really sensitive about a few things. When they care enough, they will shed a few tears and even cry like babies.

Men hate to talk
Men hate to listen to women all the time, but they would love to talk about themselves if you ask intriguing and interesting questions. They can talk non-stop about their favorite games. You just need to pick the right topic to get the men going.

Men don’t like to argue

This totally depends on the subject. Men can argue for hours on which team plays the best in a football game, but will not have much opinion to share on your new fantasies or unnecessary emotions.

Men don’t like commitments
Most women, of age, don’t want to simply hook-up and be forgotten. They want something that could lead to a relationship and if they are lucky maybe even marriage. But what if you and the guy in question are not compatible? Have you thought about that? So, they become worried, apprehensive that the man they are with may not be thinking along the same line just because he doesn’t express his intention. Why not ask him rather than jump into conclusions or make rash decisions. The man may actually be on the same wavelength with you. You can also test your assumptions about an individual by asking yourself if that person’s behaviour is following a pattern. If the behaviour is out of context for the person you know, then a new belief is needed. It can be quite liberating realizing that our assumptions about others are often wrong. A new world opens to us and some wonderful learning can occur. Having found a more accurate and better way of thinking, we also find our behaviour changing in ways we feel
good about.

We are allowed to be human, of course, and sometimes falsely think the worst of others. The smart ones amongst us, however, learn to double-check their perspective.


By Pupwaya Timothy Dibal


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