5 things you should never tell your partner


Regardless of who is right or wrong, there are certain things you should never say to your partner during an argument. Temper is a bad thing and most people are incapable of controlling it; not because they enjoy it but because it is beyond their control. During an argument with your partner, tension and voices will rise, veins will stand up and tongues will wag because at that particular time the blood is pumping high due to a simple reason that can be resolved peacefully. There is bound to be argument in every relationship. But try as much as possible to be calm while arguing because words uttered can never
be taken back. Here is a list of things you should never ever say to your partner

You are immature
If you consider the person immature then why are you dating him/her in the first place? This means you are telling your partner that he/she is childish; never utter such words at all.

This is just the height of disrespect. Do not exchange words with your partner. No matter how provoked you are; do not call your partner names because words have a way of recurring in the subconscious overtime.

I regret dating you
This is similar to the time spent with you has been a waste. To regret means to wish that a thing had not happened. There are better ways to resolve your argument than by hurtful words.

Body Shaming
This act is not only bad, it could lead to depression especially if the person is already insecure.  Don’t use your partner’s body size to insult him/her because you are angry. For instance ‘you are so fat’. It’s totally wrong because they did not create themselves that way

You are irresponsible
By telling your partner that he/she is irresponsible, you simply are saying he/she lacks a sense of responsibility. Some people even go as far as comparing their partner to others. At a point the argument will drift from the initial cause of the argument to the five things listed above. The result is that both parties are fuelled by the insults as well as other negative things that are said and this could lead to emotional, psychological and even

physical abuse.
So rather than uttering these statements, it is advisable to settle your issues as amicably as possible. The way you deal with your partner when you have disputes goes a long way in showing how you truly feel about the person. If you have been guilty of any of these;  then it is time to turn a new leaf.

By Maimuna Bagudu


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