Benefits of Crying


Many people, especially men, have been made to believe that there is something shameful or weak about crying. First, why do we cry? There are very many different reasons why people cry. Some cry for joy, others cry for sorrows. Unexpected good fortunes can make someone shed tears of joy. One can also shed tears of regret if lack of patience has led one to miss some very good opportunities. Loss of loved ones through death can also be a reason to shed tears. Deep disappointment by trusted one, especially a valued partner in a relationship can be a cause for shedding painful tears.

While men are often encouraged to be men and hold themselves from expressing sorrows openly through crying or shedding tears, women are encouraged to cry it out; some cultures even condemn women who do not cry often enough. But is it necessary to cry at all? What will happen if one decides or trains himself/herself never to cry no matter what happens? Are there health and psychological benefits to derive from crying?

Most of us have had good reasons to cry from time to time, though some of us are like a rock and never or hardly ever cry. But really, we should cry sometime. Why? Because, believe it or not, crying is actually healthy for us in numerous ways. Check OUT WHAT CRYING DOES TO US.

1. Stress relief: Yes, crying actually helps us to relieve stress. Crying can help people deal with many different kinds of stresses, “pressure, frustration, sorrow or anger any negative emotions.”

2. Toxin removal: Did you know that all tears are not the same? Several studies have shown that tears brought about by stress are different biologically from tears brought about by cooking with onions. Also, tears that are brought about by stressful situations contain some toxins that are within the body, which means those tears are helping the body to get rid of those toxins. No, no one wants to cry over a bad situation, but at least the tears are helping the body by shedding toxins.‎

3. Lubrication: This one is obvious. Tears help to lubricate the eyes, keeping the eyes functioning better by not allowing them to dry out.

4. Irritant remover: All those tears not only lubricate the eyes, but they also help to remove any kinds of irritants in the eyes, such as grit, dirt, sand smoke or whatever. If you need to clean your eyes, try a good cry.

5. Feeling good: Crying actually releases endorphins into the body. Endorphins are hormones that can help to ease your mood, even put you into a better mood.

6. Blood pressure: Crying itself doesn’t necessarily lower your blood pressure, but holding back those tears can build up stress, which actually heightens blood pressure. So don’t act like a tough guy who never allows himself to cry, because you’re only hurting yourself.

7.Bad hormones: Not only does crying help in a round-about way with blood pressure, but it also helps with other cardiovascular problems, and also with potential problems with the gastrointestinal systems, bones, muscles and more. How is this? Tears shed bad hormones from the body, hormones that could potentially affect all these different parts of the body in negative ways.

8. Nose cleaner. Tears actually help to keep the insides of the nose clean of bacteria and irritants. How is this possible? Quite simple! The tear ducts actually runs down and connect to the inside of your nose, and whenever you shed some tears, some are sent down into your nose. Not only are you crying on the outside, but you’re also literally crying on the inside, at least.

9. Infections: Tears contain a chemical known as lysozyme, a natural anti-bacterial that works to keep infections from happening in one’s eyes.