Matrix International Academy, Gombe, is a new school well entrenched in the UK national curriculum for England alongside the Nigerian curriculum. It possesses a structure which is predominantly conducive for international intellectual learning and is intricately equipped to fit this purpose. It is set in a safe location, well accessible to the general public and protected by very experienced security personnel.

The school is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to impart knowledge of the highest standard to produce a well-rounded education to children from 1 to 16 years. In other words, caters for nursery, primary and secondary children.

The staff are qualified, dedicated and experienced in academic and administrative matters. They love children and seek to bring out the individual talent of each child and develop them to believe in themselves enough to surmount and surpass whatever challenges they may encounter in life.

Matrix International Academy, Gombe, is equipped with facilities that set them apart from several other schools in the sense that a lot of research has gone into the production of the entire school.


What the school provides for the children:


BRISTISH/NIGERIAN CURRICULUM: We operate a hybrid curriculum that enables the school to achieve the best aspect of teaching and learning to ensure that visual, auditory and kinaesthetic modes of learning are adopted to identify which mode of learning specifically applies best to each individual child, ensuring that every child understands in-depth the concept being taught.


ISLAMIYYAH: The school operates a well-researched Islamic programme that allows each Muslim child to understand and appreciate the Islamic religion/doctrine and also learn the Arabic language at no additional cost.


CONVENIENT CLOSING TIME: The school system is planned to run a convenient closing time to ensure that working class parents can comfortably and conveniently leave their children at school and pick them up at the close of work. This allows parents to know that their children are safe rather than worry about their safety/wellbeing in the hands of hired helps.

SERENITY: The school is deeply entrenched and protected by a sense of peace and quiet that allows for easy assimilation and understanding/comprehension of what is being taught.


SWIMMING FACILITIES: The school possesses a swimming pool which will be made available to all students as research has shown that swimming, being a life skill, should not be a skill only available to a few. Swimming is a lesson taught to every child at no additional cost.


CLEAR SPEECH: All students of Matrix International Academy, Gombe, shall within a very short time speak clearly and confidently with no accent to better appreciate their abilities and to have no limit to what they can achieve.


FOREIGN LANGUAGES: The school shall teach French, Arabic and Mandarin to all students in its Language class to enable students confidently and conveniently communicate in some of the languages spoken in many parts of the world.


FEEDING: It is the pride of Matrix International Academy, Gombe, to feed all the children. The school has a fully equipped state of the art kitchen with chefs, sous chefs, pastry chefs of the best experience on hand to feed the children throughout the school (nursery, primary, and secondary school day/boarding) at no additional cost to ensure children are fed at the right temperature and at the right time. There will be no need for packed lunches. This is a great assistance to parents.


ELECTRONIC LIBRARY: The school possesses a media room that allows for indepth research to be carried out by the students while they are in the library. This allows them to research whatever they have been taught in the library and make notes by themselves from what they have inferred.


ELECTRONIC TABLETS: Each student in the secondary school shall be given an electronic tablet which contains every subject, from mathematics, physics, literature, chemistry, economics, to history, to mention a few, embedded with a voice operated teacher that ensures that every child understands every topic in every subject. This is also at no additional cost.


PROJECTOR: In view of the visual mode of learning that will work alongside the auditory and kinaesthetic modes of learning, projectors are made available in all classes, ensuring that children connect with what they are being taught through visual aids. The popular Chinese phrase ‘Tell me, I’ll forget. Show me, I may remember. But involve me, and I’ll understand’ has shown that visual mode of learning helps students appreciate what they are being taught better when used in conjunction with the other modes of learning.


DAYCARE FACILITIES:  Research has shown that children are actually very smart from when they are born. Matrix International Academy, Gombe, caters to children from the age of one. This is an advantage to the children because they learn how to speak quicker, as they interact with their peers, they sing rhymes, they get trained on toilet etiquettes quicker and parents enjoy their company even better. They are well looked after by adults who are dedicated and love children.


SPORT FACILITIES: The school possesses state-of-the-art sporting facilities for badminton, basketball, volleyball, lawn tennis, athletic tracks and a swimming pool, to ensure that the students learn as many skills as possible and be fit and healthy as well.


CLASSROOMS: All the classrooms are spacious, well ventilated and fully air conditioned.

BOARDING HOUSE: The boarding house is a conducive home away from home, conveniently furnished with comfortable beds, also fully air conditioned. Both the male and female hostels are under the supervision of a mature mentor who ensures that they are well looked after.


ELECTRICITY: The school runs on 24 hours electricity.


CLINIC: The school possesses a mini clinic, which is equipped with paediatric nurses experienced to deal with all ailments that may arise and an ambulance to transport the children quickly to a registered hospital in the case of further health requirements.







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