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Without a doubt, going shopping for your wedding dress can be very fun, but it is important to go prepared. It is crucial to make sure you walk away from your wedding dress appointment happy. I love going to weddings just to catch a glimpse of the bride in her breathtaking wedding dress. We will all agree that the bride is the center of attention because all eyes will be on her. From when she is entering the venue, to her flawless makeup, her shoes and her hair. There will always be side talks such as “wow I love her wedding gown and her bouquet” or “I wish she should have gotten a better wedding gown because this doesn’t fit her”. But all the same, I do firmly believe that wedding gowns work for your big day all year round. You can adapt the colours for the time of year your wedding is taking place.

Some time ago we gave you a Roll Call of Tozali Brides. If you have been following the numerous weddings we have featured in our magazine, you will notice that each bride come with her own style, or what you might call her own ”Swag”. Check out Tozali Brides and their Styles, you might get inspired and rock the exact style of one of the brides for your wedding.

The bride of Ahmed Adamu Muazu: Stunning and bold bride; you could not fault the tricky design of her wedding gown which defined her perfect body figure to the knees. Green and gold is a rare combination. The flower like designs on her gown appeared to be in competition with the gele and the one been slant on her side shoulder. The beautiful bride decided to finish off her look with simple accessories and a mild flawless makeup.

The Bride of Barr. Aliyu Boya: This was the bride whose wedding brought two cities to a standstill-Abuja and Adamawa States. The sophistication of the ceremony which was graced by a lot of dignitaries, says a lot about the bride’s taste and style. She displayed a personal style that could not be replicated by donning a modern look of iro and buba. Her monochrome looks accessorised with gold jewelries brought out her figure 8 shape. The lovely smile complimented her overall looks and I bet if anyone can pull of this look like she did.

The Bride of Bello Shehu: The classy wedding of Hauwa Musa Jalo took place in the lovely city of Gombe State, and the wedding no doubt defined class and style. Her family spared no cost to make sure she had a fairy tale wedding. Everyone knows that purple means royalty and this beautiful bride pulled off the look in her beautiful Cinderella gown with a cape like veil flowing from her shoulder all the way down. Her gorgeous look couldn’t be complete without her beautiful and flawless makeup done by Oshewa and it also looks like her jewelries were in a competition with her lovely henna design.

The Bride of Ahmed Mohammed Indimi: Zahra Buhari no doubt looked beautiful on her big day. She pulled off the monochrome look by appearing in all white there by taking style and elegance to another level. Her full-length veil attached from her head made her pulled it off beautifully to make the point that you can always push the boundaries to create your own unique style. We can’t also ignore her beautiful henna design and the simple accessories.  Just as the simple adage goes “less means more”.

By Pupwaya Timothy Dibal


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