Tourism business in Nigeria is one of the fast-rising ventures in the country. It has provided business and work opportunities for a lot of people in select locations and is a proven source of income for entrepreneurs and investors. Tourism attracts foreign and local investments, it also promotes cultural, social, and infrastructural development.

Tourists are People who travel from their countries or states to other countries or states for leisure. So any venture or agency that is established to deal with the specific needs of these tourists is a tourism business.

There are numerous businesses which make up the tourism industry, and each one of them offers different services. Some of the business opportunities of the tourism business in Nigeria are:


A transportation business is an excellent way to earn money in the tourism enterprise. Tourists are almost always on the move. They need transport services to take them from place to place while giving them interesting and exciting informative tidbits about the locale.

Food service Business:

Food is an essential part of the human culture. Also, food keeps the body active while traveling and sightseeing. Hence, food services are valuable in the tourism industry.

Tour Guide/Guided Tours:


A tour guiding business involves giving tours to persons interested in visiting famous places, showing them various historical sites, fun spots, and/or attractions etc.


After settling travel plans, the next thing on a tourist’s mind is where to live for the duration of his or her stay in the country. Two main concerns regarding accommodation are safety and comfort ability.


All that’s required to start up a small-scale translation business is a mastery of two or more foreign and local languages. Translation services are especially needed by business tourists who pay more than any other types of tourist.


Professional photography and videography is a lucrative tourism-related business. Anyone with one or both skills can generate a lot of income by capturing tourists’ significant moments during their tours.